Public Administration 2000-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 2

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(11) Communication runs faster in:

(a) Centralized structure

(b) Decentralized structure

(c) Matrix structure

(d) Line structure

Answer: (a)

(12) Performance budgeting is based on:

(a) Items of expenditure

(b) Items of investment

(c) Objectives of expenditure

(d) Plan of implementation

Answer: (c)

(13) The concept of Politics-Administration dichotomy was given by:

(a) Frank Henry Goodnow

(b) James W. Fes1er

(c) W Paul Appleby

(d) Ordway Tead

Answer: (a)

(14) The President of U. S. who laid the foundation of the study of public administration was:

(a) President Wilson

(b) President Hoover

(c) President Kennedy

(d) President Roosevelt

Answer: (a)

(15) Formal relationship in an organization is based On:

(a) Friendship

(b) Peer groups

(c) Authority on subordinates

(d) Rules and Regulations

Answer: (d)

(16) The Ideal Model of bureaucracy is based on authority of:

(a) Tradition

(b) Charisma

(c) Legal rational

(d) Money

Answer: (c)

(17) Pressure groups in public administration work for:

(a) Public interest

(b) Self interest

(c) Foreign interest

(d) Sectoral interest

Answer: (d)

(18) The administrative reforms under which various services were merged in occupational groups were introduced in:

(a) 1960

(b) 1973

(c) 1989

(d) 1994

Answer: (b)