Public Administration 2007-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 2

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(11) there are many theories of organization bt all have been classified in two. which theory u consider viable in present era?

(a) Human relation theory

(b) Mechanistic theory

(c) Behavioural theory

(d) Communication theory

(e) None

Answer: (a)

(12) The units of organization r divided into line unit and staff unit according to their functions. u name the units accordingly:

(a) Advisory

(b) Legislative

(c) Judicial

(d) Executive

(e) None

Answer: (a)

(13) The following r the foundations of modern personal system. which system u preferred most:

(a) Tenure system

(b) Merit system

(c) Public service as a career

(d) System of position classification

(e) None

Answer: (b)

(14) There r many sources of coordination and control which r mentioned blow. which source u consider more viable?

(a) Human attributes

(b) Function differentiation

(c) Specialization

(d) Delegation of authority

(e) None

Answer: (d)

(15) The proper continuity of communication system in public administration is a serious problem. u point out which hindrance blow must be removed first?

(a) Language difficulty

(b) Frame of mind

(c) Status distance

(d) Geographical distance

(e) None

Answer: (c)

(16) You point out correct on in the following:

(a) Deficit-financing is boon in developing countries

(b) Deficit-financing is curse in the developing countries

(c) Deficit-budgeting is a boon in the developing countries

(d) Deficit-budgeting is a curse in the developing countries

(e) None

Answer: (a)

(17) U tick out the correct one machinery which is most effective in financial admn.

(a) Legislature

(b) The central department concerned with financial Admn.

(c) Principal financial officers in the administrative deptt.

(d) Audit organization

(e) None

Answer: (c)

(18) The oral and written communication of individual is mentioned in the following. u mark out the most effective communication.

(a) Discretion of the individual

(b) Individual skills

(c) Individual intelligence

(d) Personal contacts

(e) None

Answer: (d)

(19) The followings r some administrative changes r made made under administrative reform-1972. u point out the most sustainable change in it:

(a) Reorganization of secretariat and departmental structure

(b) Eradication of corruption

(c) Steam lining of disciplinary procedure

(d) Reorganization of system retirement

(e) None

Answer: (a)