Competitive Exams: Public Administration MCQs (Practice_Test 78 of 104)

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  1. In which one of the following countries there is declaration of the society՚s right to require every public official an account of his administration?
    1. India
    2. UK
    3. USA
    4. France
  2. The experiences of which one of the following countries in training civil servants will be more relevant orase and useful to India in the context of liberalization?
    1. USSR
    2. UK
    3. France
    4. USA
      1. 1 and 2
      2. 2 and 3
      3. 3 and 4
      4. 1 and 4
  3. Internship is part of the civil service training programmee in
    1. India
    2. USA
    3. France
    4. Japan
  4. Which one of the following is NOT explicitly or implicitly provided for in the constitution of India?
    1. A minister of state may have the independent charge of a ministry
    2. Civil servants have to observe the principle of political neutrality
    3. There are a number of all India services
    4. The union may direct a state to maintain a road of national importance
  5. Which of the following are duties of the inter-state council created under article 263 of the construction of India?
    1. Inquiring into and advising upon disputes which may have arisen between/among sates
    2. Investigating and discussing subjects in which some or all of the sates of the Union and one or more of the states have a common interest
    3. Making recommendations upon any such subject for the better coordination of policy and action with respect to that subject
    4. Ensuring that officers belonging to All

    India services posted in various states are not punished by the judiciary for acts of omission

    1. 1,2 and 3
    2. 1,2 and 4
    3. 1,3 and 4
    4. 2,3 and 4
  6. Which of the following may be done under conditions of financial emergency?
    1. Reduction in the number of districts in the country for effecting economy
    2. Abolition of all state legislative assemblies to reduce expenditure
    3. Reduction in the salaries of the judges of high court
    4. Reservation of money bills of states legislative assemblies for the consideration of the president
      1. 1,2 and 3
      2. 2,3 and 4
      3. 3 and 4
      4. 1 and 4
  7. Which one of the following comprise the executive power for the Union vested in the president of India under article 53 of the constitution of India?
    1. The determination as well as the execution of policy
    2. The imitation of legislation
    3. The recognition or deracination of a ruler
    4. The carrying on of trading operations
      1. 1 and 2
      2. 2 and 3
      3. 3 and 4
      4. 1,2, 3 and 4
  8. The planning commission was set up
    1. Under the government of India act, 1935
    2. As per the provisions of the constitution of India
    3. By a cabinet resolution
    4. As per the recommendation of the national development council
  9. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct in regard to the functions performed by the planning commission?
    1. It makes an assessment of the material economic and human resources of the country
    2. It makes recommendations to the president of India with regard to distribution of proceeds of taxes between the Union and the sates
    3. In formulates plans for the most effective and balanced utilization of century՚s progress
    4. It appraises from time to time the progress made in the execution of each stage of the plan and recommends adjustment in policy and measures which it deems necessary
  10. The planning commission should be responsibly only for formulation of the objectives, laying down of priorities indication of broad sartorial out lays fixation of the basic targets and approval of the main programmes. This is the recommendation of
    1. The national development council
    2. The finance commission
    3. The administrative reforms commission
    4. The proramme evaluation organization
  11. Which of the following is NOT true of the joint stock limited company form of organization?
    1. It requires the sanction of the legislature and cannot be set up by executive action
    2. It offers autonomy in administration with necessary freedom in financial and personel matters
    3. It can associate private enterprises with the company, thus bringing in additional capital for investment
    4. It provides for adequate control by the government
  12. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct in regard to Government Corporation?
    1. A government corporation is the most important innovation in political organization and constitutional practice
    2. A corporation represents the preference for freedom of enterprise
    3. All union government corporations in India have been established by specific acts of Parliament
    4. The corporation form has not been recommended by the A. R C as the best form of management
  13. The principles concerning the provisions of the Grants-in-aid to the states out of the consolidate fund of India are recommended by the
    1. Planning commission
    2. Administrative reforms commission
    3. Finance commission
    4. Public accounts committee
  14. A major source of revenue assigned to the Union under the scheme of distribution of taxing powers is
    1. Excise duties on alcoholic liquor opium. India hemp and other narcotic drugs
    2. Sales tax
    3. Corporation tax
    4. Professional tax
  15. Which of the following is/are correctly matched?
      • Duty levied by the Union but collected
      • Appropriated by state Succession duty
      • Estate duty in respect of property other than agricultural l
      • Taxes levied
      • Collected by the

    Union but assigned to the state

    Stamp duties and duties of excise on medicinal and toilet preparations

    1. 1 only
    2. 2 only
    3. Both 1 and 2
    4. Neither