Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 1

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Q. The first medical social worker in India was appointed at J. J. Hospital, Mumbai in

A) 1936

B) 1938

C) 1946

D) 1948

Q. The first Indian School of Social Work was started in India in the year 1936 at

A) New Delhi

B) Mumbai

C) Calcutta

D) Chennai

Q. Which among the following is a primary method of social work?

A) Social Action

B) Social Welfare Administration

C) Community Organisation

D) Social Work Research

Q. Elizabethan Poor Law is also known as

A) 23 Elizabeth

B) 33 Elizabeth

C) 43 Elizabeth

D) 53 Elizabeth

Q. The common base of social work practice includes all of the following except

A) Knowledge

B) Values

C) Skills

D) Intervention models

Q. Mary Ellen Richmond constructed the foundations for the scientific methodology development of professional work in her book Social Diagnosis in the year

A) 1925

B) 1917

C) 1915

D) 1927

Q. Who was an early pioneer in the settlement house movement in London?

A) Mary Richmond

B) Harriet Berlet

C) Florence Hollis

D) Jane Addams

Q. The concepts of ‘task’ and ‘coping’ are related to which of the following principles?

A) Principle of Confidentiality

B) Principle of acceptance

C) Principle of Non-judgmental Attitude

D) Principle of Social Functioning

Q. Cleaning a village by volunteers is an example of

A) Social Work

B) Social Service

C) Social Welfare

D) Charity work

Q. School is a … setting of practicing social work methods

A) Primary

B) Secondary

C) Tertiary

D) Educational

Q. Purchasing of a computer in the project office will be accounted in the

A) Non-recurring expenditure

B) Recurring expenditure

C) Administrative cost

D) Activity cost

Q. Monitoring of a project is carried out during the …

A) Planning

B) Out put

C) Outcome

D) Impact