Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 11

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Q. Ashok needs to hire two managers for a Delhi paint manufacturing plant by the end of 2011. His organisation is under pressure to have females and minorities better represented at top levels of the organisation. Currently all executives are males. What recruiting technique should be used?

A) Employee referrals

B) Public employment agencies

C) Head hunting

D) College placements

Q. Mohan rates Abhishek, an average worker, ‘excellent’ on all of his performance evaluations. The rest of the staff suspects that Abhishek gets high ratings because

he graduated from the same prestigious university and was a member of the same fraternity as Mohan. If this were accurate, what rating error has the staff identified?

A) Similarly error.

B) Halo error.

C) Leniency error.

D) Central tendency

Q. Julie, vice president of human resources for a large manufacturing firm, is concerned that 40 % of the clerical workers hired last year lacked basic reading,

writing and filing skills. She thinks these workers should have been eliminated from as early as the … step of the selection process.

A) Physical examination

B) Preliminary screening

C) Comprehensive interview

D) Background investigation

Q. Choose the quantitative method of job analysis:

A) Ranking

B) Classification

C) Grading

D) Point rating

Q. Method for securing pertinent information about the applicant.

A) Recruitment policy.

B) Selection procedure.

C) Employment.

D) Job Specification.

Q. The Act which states clearly that its objective is to protect the rights of women

A) Women Commission

B) Medical Termination of Pregnancy

C) Domestic Violence Act

D) Maternal Benefit Act

Q. The legislation which prevents sex determination leading to female foeticide is

A) MTP Act


C) JJ (Care and Protection) Act


Q. Which one of the following selection techniques provides a quick, inexpensive method of initial screening by gathering basic information about applicants?

A) Employment test

B) Application Blank

C) Personal interview

D) Recommendations

Q. Hand books, Pamphlets, Brochures are tools for:

A) Recruitment

B) Promotion

C) Selection

D) Induction

Q. Father of Scientific Management

A) John Taylor

B) Herzberg

C) F. W. Taylor

D) Abraham Maslow

Q. The last series of experiments in the Hawthorne studies is

A) Mass interviewing programme

B) Bank wiring observation room

C) Relay assembly test room study

D) Illumination studies Impacted

Q. Project behavior theories of X and Y of Mc Gregor are propagated in the year …

A) 1961

B) 1951

C) 1965

D) 1955

Q. Which of the following is not a contribution by

Sigmund Freud?

A) Hypnosis

B) Free Association

C) Dream Analysis

D) Psychodrama

Q. The process of assisting the clients in diffusing

their pent up emotions is known as:

A) Praxis

B) Absolving

C) Diffusing

D) Catharsis

Q. Which of the following is not necessarily a task within the ambit of counselling?

A) Clarification of value dilemma

B) Recommending possible options

C) Planning with regard to a future course of action

D) Resolving problems that occur

Q. Communication in the context of counselling is predominantly happening in the domain of:

A) Linguistic

B) Paralinguistic

C) Non-verbal

D) Verbal

95. Attributing one՚s own negative qualities to other individuals is known as:

A) Sublimation

B) Reaction formation

C) Introjections

D) Projection