Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 14

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Q. Social status is ascriptive when

A) Based on inequalities

B) It is inherited

C) People thrust upon others

D) It is due to social change

Q. Social change is affected when there is change in

i. The institutions

ii. The class structures

iii. The relationships

A) i only

B) i and ii only

C) i and iii only

D) i, ii, and iii

Q. Sociologists describe the term ‘group’ as

A) Collection of people

B) People interacting at a place

C) People involved in organized pattern of interaction

D) Participants in a gathering

Q. Which one of the following is a secondary group?

A) Nuclear family

B) Peer group

C) Association

D) Joint family

Q. Which one of the following is the most complex community?

A) Religious community

B) Rural community

C) Urban community

D) Agrarian community

Q. The term Social Function stands for

A) Social activity

B) Subjective disposition

C) Objective consequences

D) Collective performance

Q. Caste Status of an individual is determined by

A) Heredity

B) Occupation

C) Social Status

D) Economic Status

Q. Which of the following is a programme to control population growth in India?

A) Family Life Education

B) Family Welfare Programme

C) Condensed Course for women

D) Development of women and children in Rural Area

Q. The ‘Mahalnobis model’ of planning started in India with

A) The First Five Year Plan

B) The Second Five Year Plan

C) The Third Five Year Plan

D) The Fourth Five Year Plan

Q. Mixed Economy in India stands for

A) Commanding heights for the public sector

B) Equal role for public and private sectors

C) Critical role for private sector in core areas of the economy

D) Prime role for the co-operative sector

Q. Das Capital is a book associated with the name of

A) Ricardo

B) Karl Marx

C) Malthus

D) Hegel

Q. The Creation of ‘Mandals’ as intermediate level Panchyati Raj institutions is recommended by

A) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee

B) Santhanam Committee

C) Ashok Mehta Committee

D) Kaka Kalelkar Committee