Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 18

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Q. Community organization is understood as:

i. welfare activity

ii. a method of social work

iii. a field of practice

Choose the correct answer with the help of code given below:

A) i only

B) ii only

C) iii only

D) i and iii only

Q. Which of the following most closely explains the relationship between community organization and community development?

A) Both are inter-changeably used

B) The two have nothing in common

C) Community organization deals with city problems whereas community

development deals with problems of rural areas.

D) Community development is a field where community organization is practiced

Q. Which of the following statements is applicable to social action?

A) It is concerted as opposed to individual action

B) It involves legal methods as opposed to illegal methods

C) Its objectives are social as opposed to anti-social

D) Its effect is intended to be both constructive and destructive

Q. The basis of Community Organisation should be

A) The people

B) The resources

C) The felt needs

D) The activities

Q. Community Development is based on the following assumption

i. People want change

ii. People can change

iii. People must participate to bring about change

Choose your answer with the help of the code given below:

A) i

B) ii

C) i, ii and iii

D) iii

Q. One of the following goals is not the aim of community organization:

A) Task goal

B) Process goal

C) Social Action goal

D) Relationship goal

Q. Community organization can be achieved through

A) Raising citizen՚s consciousness regarding their needs

B) Building social relationship

C) Developing a good leadership

D) All the above

Q. Social action strategies are very much practiced by

A) Naramada Bachao Andolan

B) Indian Merchants Chamber

C) Central Social Welfare Board

D) National Literacy Movement

Q. Urban community development services project in India was started by:

A) American Friends Services Committee

B) Government of India


D) Ford Foundation

Q. Which one of the following was the earliest project of Community development in India?

A) Sevagram project

B) Sriniketan project

C) Gurgaon project

D) Itawah project

Q. Social Welfare administration means

A) Administration of social welfare and social services

B) Public administration with social purposes in view

C) Administration with people՚s involvement

D) Providing services to voluntary organizations