Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 19

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Q. Which of the following is not a source of social policy in India?

A) Indian Constitution

B) Five Year Plans

C) Social Legislation

D) Administrative orders

Q. Which one of the following is not a source of social policy?

A) Manifesto of Political Parties

B) Constitution

C) Five Year Plan documents

D) Government Budget

Q. Which one of the following is not the component of agency administration

A) The Chief Executive

B) The Staff

C) The Donor Agency

D) The beneficiaries

Q. Social work administration refers to:

A) The process of transforming social policy into social services

B) The process of transforming social services into social action

C) The process of transforming social planning into social action

D) The process of transforming social security into social services

Q. Organised activities that are primarily and directly concerned with the

conservation, the protection and the improvement of human resources is called

A) Social Welfare

B) Social Security

C) Social Planning

D) Social Policy

Q. Welfare services provided to the handicapped are called

A) Public Services

B) Public Welfare Services

C) Social Welfare Services

D) Community Services

Q. In the abbreviation POSDCORB- CO stands for

A) Communication

B) Counselling

C) Coordinating

D) Corporate

Q. Social Development is to be measured by

A) Purchasing power of the people

B) Political consciousness

C) Health status

D) Quality of life index

Q. Social Welfare Administration is one of the

A) Methods in Social Work

B) Techniques in Social Work

C) Public Administration

D) Scientific Management

Q. The constitutional authority for monitoring the welfare of SC/ST is:

A) The Commission for SC/ST Welfare

B) The Ministry of Home Affairs

C) The Ministry of Welfare

D) The Commissioner for SC/ST

Q. Social justice and human welfare are the main objectives of

A) Social security

B) Social development

C) Social action

D) Social reform

Q. The Convention of Child Rights was ratified by India in:

A) 1991

B) 1992

C) 1995

D) 1996

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