Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 2

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Q. The viability of a project is studied in the stage of …

A) Design stage

B) Appraisal stage

C) Implementation stage

D) Review stage.

Q. When an evaluation of a project is conducted to understand an issue from a multiple point of view of all people is called

A) Decision focus

B) Used focus

C) Response focus

D) Objective and goal focus

Q. The extra time available to complete the activity when the activity is started at the EOT of its preceding event is

A) Free float

B) Total float

C) Independent float

D) Dependent float

Q. The Functional theory of stratification is propounded by

A) Emil Durkheim

B) Herbert Spencer

C) Davis and Moore

D) Goode and Hatt

Q. Which of the following is not a characteristic of secondary group?

A) Large size

B) Personal Orientation

C) Secondary relationship

D) Formal communication

Q. Which of the following is not a characteristic feature of society?

A) Interdependence

B) Cooperation and conflict

C) Competition

D) A Specific aim

Q. Norms are enforced by

A) Positive sanction

B) Order

C) Negative sanction

D) Positive and negative sanction

Q. For Talcott Parsons, the major function of family in the industrial society is

A) Stabilisation of adult personality

B) Procreation

C) Unit of consumption

D) Consumption and protection

Q. Who was of the view that classes are not communities?

A) Karl Marx

B) Max Weber

C) MacIver

D) F. Tonnies

Q. One of the important advantages of socialization is that it makes one

A) Realize the importance of wealth

B) Member of political system

C) Leave one՚s isolation

D) Independent of group life

Q. The social process in which two or more persons are striving for the same goal which is limited, that all cannot be shared is known as

A) Accommodation

B) Assimilation

C) Conflict

D) Competition

Q. Who holds that ‘civilization is what we have and culture is what we are’ ?

A) Max Weber

B) MacIver

C) Alfred Weber

D) Herskovits

Q. When an external stimulus vanished, which among the following disappears?

A) Group

B) Association

C) Congregation

D) Aggregation

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