Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 21

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Q. One tailed test of significance means:

A) Testing the null hypothesis

B) Testing the substantive hypothesis

C) Testing the directional hypothesis

D) Testing the non- directional hypothesis

Q. Which of the following is not the goal of scientific method of acquiring knowledge?

A) Explanation

B) Fact-finding

C) Control

D) Prediction

Q. The Case study as a kind of descriptive research does not involve as one of the steps …

A) Establishing the problem

B) Diagnosing the problem

C) Using an experimental design and statistical analysis of the data

D) Deriving inferences, conclusions and generalization

Q. It is essential to convert the research hypothesis into null hypothesis as the research hypothesis …

A) Cannot be tested statistically without converting it into null hypothesis

B) Does not express the relationship between the dependent and the independent variable

C) Is not a scientific statement

D) Is a very general statement and does not indicate the specific direction of


Q. To find, if the difference between the measures of the control group and the experimental group are trustworthy:

A) Test of significance of difference should be applied

B) Only the means of the measure may be compared

C) Both A and B are correct

D) A and B are not correct

Q. Gestalt Therapy was originated by

A) Carl Jung

B) Fritz Perls

C) Carl Rogers

D) Sigmund Freud

Q. The therapy originated by Aaron Beck is

A) Person centered therapy

B) Analytical therapy

C) Cognitive therapy


Q. BACP stands for

A) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

B) British Association for Counselling Practitioners

C) Brazil Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

D) Brazil Association for Counselling Practitioners

Q. Two therapies which come under psychodynamic school are

A) Classical Psychoanalysis & Gestalt therapy

B) Gestalt therapy & Analytical Therapy

C) REBT & Person centered therapy

D) Classical Psychoanalysis & Analytical therapy

Q. The book Games People Play was written by

A) Eric Berne

B) Thomas Harris

C) Nan Zimmerman

D) Sallie Nichols

Q. The Stages of Grief was proposed by

A) Jacob L. Moreno

B) Elizabeth Kubler Ross

C) William James

D) Stanley Krippner

Q. The school of individual psychology was found by

A) Albert Ellis

B) Aaron Beck

C) Alfred Adler

D) Abraham Maslow