Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 22

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Q. Which one the following is not a quality of counselor

A) Listener

B) Observer

C) Empathy

D) Talkative

Q. Eclectic counseling is

A) Counselor centered approach

B) Client centered approach

C) Both client and counselor centered approach

D) None of the above

Q. Analytical Therapy was suggested by

A) Sigmund Freud

B) Carl Jung

C) Carl Rogers

D) Aaron Beck

Q. Which one of the following is NOT the role of Project Manager?

A) Ability to plan

B) Ability to negotiate and persuade

C) Ability to cope with

D) Operational flexibility

Q. The agency that estimates the National Income of India is …

A) Reserve Bank of India

B) Planning Commission

C) Finance Ministry

D) Central Statistical Organization

Q. The First Global Project Management forum was held in

A) U. K.

B) U. S. A

C) Japan

D) France

Q. WBS stands for …

A) Web Based System

B) Web Based Structure

C) Work Breakdown System

D) Work Breakdown Structure

Q. The contribution of Henry Gantt is known as

A) Pie – Diagram

B) Bar Chart

C) Seasonal Graph

D) Venn diagram

Q. The concept of ′ Unit Rates ″ is Not equal to

A) Billed Rates

B) Parameter Costs

C) BOOT Contract Cost

D) Schedule of Rates

Q. The sequence of the Total Project Life Cycle is …

A) Develop, Execute, Conceive, Finish.

B) Develop, Conceive, Execute, Finish.

C) Execute, Conceive, Develop , Finish.

D) Conceive, Develop, Execute, Finish.

Q. By adopting Management-By-Project approach the Project Manager is named as

A) C E O

B) Project Promoter

C) Single Point of Responsibility

D) Global Project Partner

Q. The ‘Big Bang approach’ refers to:

A) Phase - in approach

B) Phase - out approach

C) The Cut-off approach

D) Parallel system approach

Q. Design and Construct contract is also known as:

A) Partnership contract

B) BOOT contract

C) Turnkey Contract

D) Joint Venture Contract