Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 25

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Q. Whose definition of Social Case Work has indicated the four essential components: person, problem, place and process in it?

A) Perlman

B) Hamilton

C) Taylor

D) Richmond

Q. Psychotherapy has been further classified by Wolberg as

A) Functional

B) Supportive

C) Diagnostic

D) Promotive

Q. Case work was first given a systematic treatment in Mary Richmond՚s work in 1917 known as

A) Theories of Social Case Work

B) Social Diagnosis

C) Social Case Work

D) A Helping Relationship

Q. Basic functions of a helping process are

A) Contribution

B) Service

C) Restoration

D) Development

Q. An important tool used in case work

A) Referral

B) Transference

C) Home Visit

D) Talking

Q. A child having a behavioural problem is referred to a counselling centre. Which approach in case work would you find suitable to work with her?

A) Crisis Intervention

B) Behavioural Therapy

C) Psycho analytical Approach

D) Eclectic Approach

Q. Which of the following is not a principle of case work?

A) Confidentiality

B) Acceptance

C) Rapport Building

D) Client՚s Self Determination

Q. A case was referred by the probation officer for treatment of the problem of delinquency, truancy and disobedience. What type of skill the case worker requires to work with the client?

A) Formulating a contract

B) Behaviour modification

C) Conflict management

D) Interview

Q. Development of relationships is also affected by

A) Agency setting

B) People outside

C) Appearance

D) Transference

Q. How has Caplan explained a crisis situation?

A) When an individual faces an obstacle to achieving his/her important life goals

B) When the physical needs of a person are not met

C) When a person is unable to do his/her work

D) When a person is curtailed of his/her freedom

Q. Who defined Group work as a goal directed activity?

A) Gisela Konopka

B) Harleigh B. Trecker

C) Pincus and Minhan

D) Toseland and Rivas

Q. The major purpose of a development group is

A) Problem solving

B) Improve communication skills

C) Individual or social change

D) Enhance individual՚s potential

Q. Reframing skill in group work involves

A) View an issue from different perspectives

B) Resolve conflicts among the members through surfacing

C) Frame a climate of freedom

D) Bring about connection among the meanings behind a member՚s actions or words