Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 26

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Q. A pre-discharge group in a hospital is an example of

A) Therapeutic group

B) Developmental group

C) Preventive group

D) Task oriented group

Q. Who defined Psychotherapy as “process occurring in formally organized protected groups” ?

A) Sigmund Freud

B) Corsine

C) Jerome D. Frank

D) William Glaser

Q. When a group worker facilitates the group process in such a way that she enables the group to take its own decisions, she is following the principle of?

A) Flexible Functional Organization

B) Modification of group process

C) Group Self determination

D) None of the above

Q. When in a conflict situation neither party gets full satisfaction, but each agrees to the limits to be set on its own suggestions, the conflict management strategy adopted is?

A) Co- operation

B) Subjugation

C) Integration

D) Compromis

Q. Orientation stage of group development is characterized by

A) Ambivalence

B) Co-operation

C) Evaluation

D) Lesser involvement of the worker

Q. Among the following, which type of groups focus on the objective of adjustment of the individual to other persons, groups and society?

A) Therapeutic groups

B) Educational Groups

C) Task Group

D) Social Action Group

Q. Which among the following is not related to subgroups?

A) Monad

B) Diad

C) Triad

D) Clique

Q. The role of a community organisation practitioner is of a or an

A) Enabler

B) Performer

C) Donor

D) Executor

Q. Mahatma Gandhi՚s non – violent, non co – operation movement which is an example of social action was launched in the year

A) 1930

B) 1942

C) 1920

D) 1935

Q. The three models of community organisation according to Jack Rothman are

A) Locality Development, Social Planning, Social Action

B) Locality Development, Social organisation, Social Action

C) Community Development, Social Planning, People՚s Action

D) Community Development, People՚s Planning, People՚s Action

Q. The principle of Legitimisation in social action means

A) Convincing oneself and the reference public and general public that the movement or task in hand is morally right

B) Getting the legal approval from the Court of Law

C) Convincing the police that movement or task in hand is legally right

D) Filing the first information report about the issue in hand before launching social action

Q. PRA method can be utilised in the community organisation practice to

A) Identify the needs of the community and plan accordingly

B) Organise the community members for social action

C) Identify the key leaders of the community

D) Orient the community about the plans developed by the practitioner