Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 34

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Q. Unity of direction is one of the principles of management which means

A) There should be unity among the employees working towards a particular goal

B) Unity among the directors of different units of the organisation

C) Every employee should receive orders and instructions from only one superior

D) All the superiors should give instructions or orders together to the employees

Q. Job Description means

A) An organised, factual statement of minimum acceptable human qualities for a job

B) An organised, factual statement of the duties and responsibilities for a job

C) An organised, factual statement of maximum acceptable human qualities for a job

D) An organised, factual statement of advertisement for a job

Q. Which one is not a technique used in performance appraisal?

A) Graphic Rating Scale

B) Balance Score Card


D) 6 (Six) sigma

Q. Which one is not required to be highlighted in a Bye-law of a Society?

A) Objectives of the Society

B) A section on Membership

C) A section on activities to be implemented by the Society

D) A section on Financial Matters

Q. While planning developmental programmes, the most important stakeholders to be consulted are

A) Staff of the funding agency

B) Staff of the implementing agency

C) The panchayat president of the area

D) The members of the target population.

Q. Who is known as the father of Scientific Management?

A) Henry Fayol

B) F. W. Taylor

C) Luther Gullick

D) Chester Bernard

Q. Judiciary is related to

A) Planning and forecasting

B) Law enforcement

C) Five year plans

D) Catering to the needs of ministers.

Q. The period of eleventh five year plan is

A) 2007 – 2012

B) 2006 – 2011

C) 2008 – 2013

D) 2009 – 2014

Q. Which of the following is not correct with regard to a factory?

A) 20 or more workers without power – Factory

B) 10 or more workers with power – Factory

C) 500 and more workers – Welfare Officer

D) 20 women workers – Crèche

Q. Payment of Gratuity is a

A) Social security measure

B) Promotes social justice

C) Measure to promote equality among employees

D) A means to empower women

Q. Factories Act came into force from

A) 1st April 1949

B) 1st April 1948

C) 1st April 1958

D) 1st April 1968

Q. Indian Constitution is a

A) Basic law by itself to rule the nation

B) A bye-law to govern the States

C) A rule book for politician

D) A document of the nation

Q. The minimum number of years of service to obtain gratuity is

A) 15 Years

B) 25 years

C) 5 Years

D) 35 Years

Q. Which Amendment of the Constitution incorporated Right to Education as a Fundamental Right?

A) 94th Amendment

B) 78th Amendment

C) 84th Amendment

D) 86th Amendment

Q. The main objective of the prison is

A) To tame the criminals

B) To provide correctional services

C) To protect the criminals for trials

D) To keep the culprits safe

Q. Fundamental research is concerned with

A) Finding a solution for a problem

B) Generalizations and formulation of theory

C) Action oriented research

D) Ex post facto research

Q. The measure of central tendency used for a variable measured at nominal level is

A) Mode

B) Medium

C) Mean

D) Quartile Deviation

Q. Quota Sampling is

A) Random sample

B) Non probability sample

C) Probability sample

D) None of the above

Q. Which research design will not suit an experimental study?

A) Completely randomized design

B) Latin square design

C) After only with control design

D) Survey design