Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 35

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Q. An organization wants to conduct study on the functioning of its different branches in India. They selected some States from which a few districts were selected. All the branches in these selected districts are studied. What type of sampling have they used?

A) Cluster Sampling

B) Multi – Stage Sampling

C) Area Sampling

D) Quota Sampling

Q. Which among the following does not have the characteristics of a good hypothesis?

A) Suicide rates vary inversely with social integration

B) Personnel in the company enjoy job satisfaction

C) Economic instability hampers the development of an establishment

D) None of the above

Q. Calculate arithmetic mean of salary earned by contract teachers 3800, 4000, 7000, 2000,1300, 2800

A) 3482.33

B) 3483.33

C) 3484.33

D) 3485.33

Q. Correlation is a measure of

A) Central Tendency

B) Dispersion

C) Association

D) Scaling

Q. Who developed the theory concerning ANOVA?

A) Spearman

B) R. A. Fisher

C) Prof. Snedecor

D) Richard P. Runyon

Q. Which among the following is descriptive statistics?

A) Correlation

B) Chi- Square test

C) T – Test

D) Mean Deviation

Q. Who originally used the term ‘Counseling’ ?

A) Rollo May

B) Ed Jacobs

C) Frank Parsons

D) Max Eggert.

Q. Which behavioural approach is based on the usefulness of reinforcers?

A) Initiative Learning

B) Operant Learning

C) Cognitive Learning

D) Emotional Learning

Q. Who is the father of Client-centered Counselling?

A) Nelson Jones

B) Carl Rogers

C) Burnard

D) Egan

Q. Which character is not suitable for a Counsellor?

A) Empathy

B) Incongruence

C) Competence

D) Objectivity

Q. Which is not a kind of anxiety according to Freud?

A) Normal Anxiety

B) Neurotic Anxiety

C) Moral Anxiety

D) Reality Anxiety

Q. Who among the following is an existential therapist?

A) Carl Kuff

B) Sigmund Freud

C) Victor Frankl

D) Alfred Adler

Q. An ego-defense mechanism in which a person returns to an earlier form of behaviour or stage of development?

A) Repression

B) Suppression

C) Rationalization

D) Regression

Q. Who formulated Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy?

A) John Watson

B) B. F. Skinner

C) Albert Ellis

D) Arnold Lazarus

Q. Transactional Analysis (TA) places a great deal of emphasis on

A) Id

B) Ego

C) Libido

D) Super ego

Q. In which therapeutic approach to Counselling the therapist assists the client toward Self-integration?

A) Existential

B) Behavioural

C) Gestalt

D) Psychoanalytical

Q. PRA stands for

A) Participatory Rapid Appraisal

B) Participatory Rural Appraisal

C) Planning Rural Activities

D) Planning Rapid Activities

Q. The sequential stages in project cycle are

A) Planning, Need Assessment, Monitoring, Implementation and Evaluation

B) Planning, Monitoring, Need Assessment, Implementation and Evaluation

C) Need Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

D) Need Assessment, Planning, Monitoring, Implementation and Evaluation