Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 4

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Q. In a democratic group process the group morale and discipline will be …

A) Leader centred

B) Agency centred

C) Change centred

D) We centred

Q. What has led to the development of social group work as a method of social work?

A) Community chest

B) Reform movement

C) Clubs and recreation movements

D) Paid volunteers

Q. Self – disclosure is an effective method of

A) Group study

B) Group diagnosis

C) Group relations

D) Group treatment

Q. The book “Social Group Work – a Helping Process” is authored by

A) HB Trecker

B) Konopka

C) GH Mead

D) Peter Samuel

Q. In a democratic group process everyone will be a

A) Leader

B) Agencies

C) Change agent

D) Problem shooter

Q … helps an individual to free himself

while being helped to interact with his fellow men.

A) Individualisation

B) Acceptance

C) Self determination

D) Self direction

Q. The stages of forming, stroming, norming, performing, adjourning is the contribution of

A) Napier

B) Gershenfled

C) Bruce Tuckmen

D) Anne Hopes

Q. The relationship in secondary group is

A) Personal

B) Intimate

C) Formal

D) Informal

Q. The phase of intervention that precedes the ending of the professional relationship with the client is

A) Termination

B) Evaluation

C) Modification

D) Finalization

Q … is a graphic representation of the choices or the association of group members, using symbols for people and their interactions.

A) Histogram

B) Sociogram

C) Sonogram

D) Isogram

Q. No compromise on law is characteristic of … leadership style

A) Democratic

B) Autocratic

C) Bureaucratic

D) Laissez faire

Q. Field work in social group work helps to acquire

A) Knowledge

B) Skill

C) Attitude

D) All the above

Q. The Mutual Aid Model of group work practice has its roots in the practice theory proposed by

A) Napier

B) Gershenfled

C) William Schwartz

D) Trecker

Q … model of group work focuses on restoration to normalcy after a point of breakdown.

A) Remedial Model

B) Developmental Model

C) Preventive Model

D) None of the above

Q. The Cognitive-Behavioral Group Work Model was developed by

A) James Albert

B) Rose

C) Napier

D) Trecker

Q. Too much reliance on internal recruitment can result in:

A) Reduced job performance

B) High labour turnover

C) Internal conflict

D) Poor group dynamics

Q. The provisions of the section 105 in the Code of Criminal Procedure ensures that all citizens irrespective of religion to get maintenance. Based on this the Supreme Court՚s intervention favoured to which religious group of women for inheritance

A) Hindu women

B) Muslim women

C) Christian women

D) Parsi women

Q. Which one is not the essential condition for Muslim marriage?

A) Having sound mind

B) Ceremonies and special rites

C) Age of 21 for male and 18 for female

D) Offer and acceptance