Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 5

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Q. Which of the following is NOT a goal of social work?

A) To enhance social functioning of the people

B) To improve the quality of life of the people

C) To eradicate inequalities and exploitation

D) To establish a democratic form of government

Q. Charity Organization Societies were founded

A) To eradicate illiteracy amongst workers

B) To help poor people to meet their needs in times of difficulty

C) To raise money for the Church

D) To organize and help the beggars

Q. Which of the following most appropriately describes the nature of social work education?

A) It is concerned with welfare services

B) It prepares people for jobs in voluntary organizations

C) It is application of social services to problem situations that people face

D) It is professional education preparing workers for enabling and developmental roles

Q. A value of the profession that provides the basis of social work intervention is

A) Belief in human capacity to grow but not change

B) Belief in political intervention

C) Supporting the voluntary effort

D) Belief in individual՚s worth and dignity

Q. First School of Social Work was started at

A) Mumbai

B) Delhi

C) Calcutta

D) Varanasi

Q. Which of the following is not the value of social work?

A) Integrity

B) Self-reliance

C) Dignity of individual

D) Self-interest

Q. Social work education in India is greatly influenced by the pattern of development of social work in the

A) U. A. E

B) U. S. A

C) U. A. R

D) U. K

Q. Which one of the following is not a principle of Social Work?

A) Non-Judgemental attitude

B) Acceptance of people as they are

C) Mobilisation of community resources

D) Absolute confidentiality

Q. The Philosophy of Social Work mainly revolves around

A) Humanitarian values

B) Liberal democratic ideals

C) Marxist ideology

D) Social reform movements

Q. The main responsibility of Social Work profession today is

A) Promotion of Welfare Services

B) Formulation of Social Security Policies

C) Enhancing social functioning and building capacity of people

D) Alleviation of poverty

Q. Society is

A) A group of people spread over a geographical area

B) A group of communities living in an agro-climatic area

C) A network of social relationships in a geographical area

D) A network of conflicting and co-operating group of people

Q. Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of a primary group?

A) A father scolding an erring son

B) The secretary of a recreation club serving notice on a deviant member

C) A peer encouraging a slow-moving member of his group on a deviant member

D) A wife complaining to a nagging husband

Q. Acculturation is the consequence of

A) Cultural contract

B) Cultural evolution

C) Cultural diffusion

D) Cultural adaptation