Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 7

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Q. Principle of Dual Approach in social action means

A) To apply legal and illegal approach in social action

B) To strengthen the action group and weaken the opponents

C) To involve the elite as well as the poor community in the action

D) To make the ‘have not’ have and vice – versa

Q. According to the definition of Community Organisation coined by Murray G. Ross, who should identify the needs or objectives of the community?

A) The community organisation practitioner

B) The qualified professional experts in community organisation

C) Some literate key persons who hold key positions in the community

D) The members of the target population

Q. The term ‘Conscientisation’ used by Paulo Freire means

A) Creating awareness of one՚s own conscience

B) Creating critical awareness of the realities faced by the people

C) Creating mass movement

D) Creating self consciousness

Q. The sampling method in which the researcher identifies a typical case first and identifies other units through the nomination by the identified case is known as

A) Simple random sampling

B) Quota sampling

C) Snowball sampling

D) Convenient sampling

Q. Organising a medical camp in a community can be considered as a community organization practice when

A) The key persons take part in organising the camp

B) The medical institution is ready to sponsor the camp for the development of the people

C) A health problem affects the majority of the community members

D) The major institutions in the community take part in organising the camp

Q. Which one is in the proper sequential order?

A) Recruitment, Selection, Training, Performance Appraisal

B) Selection, Recruitment, Training, Performance Appraisal

C) Training, Selection, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal

D) Performance Appraisal, Training, Selection, Recruitment

Q. A budget is a

A) Financial statement of the previous year

B) Financial audit report prepared by the external auditor of the previous year

C) Financial audit of the coming year

D) Financial forecast of the coming year

Q. The Indian Divorce Act was passed in the year

A) 1866

B) 1869

C) 1876

D) 1879

Q. General Body of a Society consists of

A) All the registered members

B) All the members of the community where the society may work

C) Only the office bearers

D) Only the governing body members

Q. Which one is not needed to be a part of Memorandum of Association while registering a Society?

A) Name of the society

B) Bye-law of the society

C) Name, address, occupation of the Governing Body members

D) Name, address, occupation of the General Body members

Q. Unity of direction is one of the principles of management which means

A) There should be unity among the employees working towards a particular goal

B) Unity among the directors of different units of the organisation

C) Every employee should receive orders and instructions from only one superior

D) All the superiors should give instructions or orders together to the employees

Q. Job Description means

A) An organised, factual statement of minimum acceptable human qualities for a job

B) An organised, factual statement of the duties and responsibilities for a job

C) An organised, factual statement of maximum acceptable human qualities for a job

D) An organised, factual statement of advertisement for a job

Q. Which one is not a technique used in performance appraisal?

A) Graphic Rating Scale

B) Balance Score Card


D) 6 (Six) sigma