Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for Competitive Exams-Practice Set 9

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Q. How many principles have been prescribed by Friedlander that apply to the primary methods?

A) 4

B) 5

C) 6

D) 7

Q. Self actualisation is:

A) Separating your real self from ideal self

B) Learning to motivate oneself

C) Achieving all of one՚s potentialities

D) Surpassing your previous performances

Q. Thelegal right that protects clients from having their communication with a professional revealed in court without their permission is called

A) Disguised communication

B) Privileged communication

C) Traced communication

D) Implied communication

Q … is the case worker՚s responsible and disciplined use of himself in workingwith the client

A) Treatment

B) Counselling

C) Relationship

D) Social Casework

Q. Sensitivity, understanding and response are the components of

A) Confidentiality

B) Individualisation

C) Controlled Emotional involvement

D) Acceptance

Q. Which among the following is not the objective of social case work recording?

A) To Use for future references

B) To get advantage for the personal interest

C) To use for social research and planning

D) To provide service on a systematic way

Q. Carl Rogers is associated with

A) Client centred therapy

B) Social Learning

C) Psycho analytical Theory

D) Gestalt therapy

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