Sociology 2003-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 2

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(11) In principle, the age of a person is a:

(a) Control variable

(b) Continuous variable

(c) Discrete variable

(d) Spurious variable

(e) None of these.

Answer: b

(12) If a change in X produces a change in Y then:

(a) X is not casually related to Y

(b) X and Y do not ovary /

(c) X ′ could he cause of Y

(d) Y is a cause of X

(c) None of these.

Answer: d

(13) What is the lowest Level of measurement in which numbers or symbols are used to classify objects:

(a) Nominal

(b) Ordinal

(c) Internal

(d) Ratio

(e) None of these.

Answer: a

(14) Population of Pakistan is around:

(a) 150 million

(b) 140 million

(c) 160 million

(d) 130 million

(e) None of these.

Answer: b

(15) Population of Pakistan has been increasing at the rate of:

(a) 3 percent

(b) 2.1 percent

(c) 1.5 per cent

(d) 2.6 percent

(e) None of these.

Answer: b

(16) Average life of a Pakistani woman is:

(a) Equal to men

(b) Shorter than man

(c) Longer than man

(d) None of these.

Answer: c

(17) Status may be:

(a) Ascribed

(b) Achieved

(c) Both ascribed and achieved

(d) None of these,

Answer: c

(18) An achieved status is: i

(a) Shared by caste-minded people

(b) Inherited from parents

(c) Derived from abilities and skills

(d) Dependent upon biological condition

(e) None of these.

Answer: c

(19) Role conflict - in society emerges out of the fact that:

(a) Performers do not know the nature of Vole performed «

(b) There is lack of balance in the system of the role performed

(c) They do not observe the desired standards,

(d) They do not get adequate award -for the roleperformed, … . Nonen of these.

Answer: b

(20) ″ Bourgeoisie is a. term used by:

(a) ′ Aristotle

(b) Karl Mar X

(c) Max Weber

(d) Maclur

(d) None of these

Answer: b