Sociology 2009-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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1) Ferdinand Tonnies used the term … To refer to societies dominated by impersonal relationships, individual accomplishment and self-interests.

(a) Society

(b) Gesellschaft

(c) Community

(d) Gemeinschaft

Answer: b

2) When the researcher asks the respondent face to face questions, this method is called

(a) Interview Schedule

(b) Questionnaire

(C) Observation

(d) interview guide

Answer: a

3) … Is the process by which people learn all patterns of social life.

(a) Interaction

(b) Communication

(c) Socialization

(d) Dissemination

Answer: c

4) According to … all societies across the world are stratified.

(a) Anthropologists

(b) Sociologists

(C) Economists

(d) Political Scientists

Answer: b

5) Biological characteristics distinguishing male from female is called …

(a) Heterosexuality

(b) Gender

(c) Sex

(d) Homosexuality

Answer: c

6) A family consisting of step relations is called:

(a) Plural family

(b) Joint family

(C) Extended family

(d) Compound family

Answer: c

7) Power that people consider legitimate is known as

(a) Force

(b) Right

(C) Authority

(d) Privilege

Answer: c

8) Mugging, rape and burglary are examples of … crimes.

(a) Organized crimes

(b) general crimes

(c) Street crimes

d) Modern crimes

Answer: b

9) A norm is always enforced by sanctions.

(a) True

(b) False

Answer: a

10) Society is the largest and most complex group that sociologists study.

(a) True

(b) False

Answer: a