Sociology 2009-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 2

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11) Endogamy is the marriage among certain relatives.

(a) True

(b) False

Answer: a

12) Social structure of a society is the network of …

(a) Institutional Relations

(b) Value system

(c) Traditions

(d) Compliance to norms

Answer: d

13) Polygamy means …

(a) Several Husbands

(b) Several Wives

(C) Several Marriages

(d) Single Marriage

Answer: c

14) Demography means … :

(a) Male Population

(b) Human Population

(c) Women population

(d) Adult Population

Answer: b

15) … is striving for equal treatment of women and men and for abolishing inequality. :

(a) Feminism

(b) Gender Studies

(C) Political Science

(d) Law

Answer: a

16) WID approach believes in:

a) Gender mainstreaming

b) Gender Segregation

c) Incorporating women in development activities

d) None of these

Answer: c

17) Is Pakistan a signatory of CEDAW?

(a) Yes

(b) No

Answer: a

18) Human Rights pertain to caring for the rights of;

a) Women

b) Men

c) Minorities

d) All of these.

Answer: d

19) Symbolic behavior of a person means …

a) Meaningful behavior

b) Covert behavior

c) Overt behavior

d) Significant behavior

Answer: a

20) Gerontology is the study of …

a) Human beings

b) Special groups

c) Aged and aging

d) all of these

Answer: c