Competitive Exams: Zoology MCQs (Practice_Test 10 of 112)

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  1. Chloragogen cells found in the wall of alimentary canal of earthworm are actually
    1. excretory in nature
    2. phagocytic in nature
    3. respiratory in nature
    4. digestive in function
  2. In Palaemon, the gills are of three types Podobranch (PO) , Arthrobranch (AR) and Pleurobranch (PL) . The number of these gills of each type, on one side is
    1. PO-1; AR-3; PL-5
    2. PO-2; AR-2; PL-5
    3. PO-1; AR-2; PL-5
    4. PO-3; AR-1; PL-4
  3. Aristotle՚s lantern is an interesting structure found in some echnoderms. It is known to be associated with
    1. locomotion
    2. reproduction
    3. circulation
    4. mastication
  4. In Rana tigrina, the centrum of ninth vertebra is different from those of ifs other vertebrae and it happens to be
    1. procoelous
    2. opisthocoelous
    3. heterocoelous
    4. acoelous
  5. The lower jaw in some vertebrates is not directly joined to the cranium but is only suspended by the hyomandibular bone. This type of jaw suspension is known as
    1. amphistylic
    2. craniostylic
    3. autodiastylic
    4. hyostylic
  6. The dental formula of man is:
    1. 22132213
    2. 12231223
    3. 21232123
    4. 21322132
  7. The inability of the frog to live in brackish and saline Waters is related to
    1. non-availability of food
    2. hostile environment for breeding
    3. problems of osmo-regulation
    4. problems of respiration
  8. In mammals, the submaxillary glands lie in the posterior part of the lower jaw and open in front of the tongue near the lower incisor teeth through a duct, called
    1. Duct of Ravinis
    2. Stensen՚s duct
    3. Wharton՚s duct
    4. Lingual duct
  9. What is the sequence of blood flow to and from the heart of a mammal (Where SV = sinus venosus, LA & RA = left and right auricles, LV & RV = left and right ventricles) ?
    1. SV-LA-LV-pulmonary arteries-lungs-pulmonary veins-RA-RV-truncus arteriosus-organs
    2. SV-LA-conus arteriosus LV-pulmonary arteries-lungs-pulmonary veins-RA-RV-aorta-organs
    3. Superior and inferior vena cavae-RA-RV-pulmonary arteries-lungs-pulmonary veins-LA-LV-truncus arteriosus-organs
    4. Superior and inferior vena cavae-RA-RV-pulmonary arteries-lungs-pulmonary veins-LA-LV-aorta-organs
  10. The correct sequence of development of mammalian erythrocytes is:
    1. Proetythroblast-Normoblast-Reticulocyte-Erythrocyte
    2. Normoblast-Proetythroblast-Reticulocyte-Erythrocyte
    3. Reticulocyte-Normoblast-Proerythroblast-Erythrocyte
    4. Reticulocyte-Proerythroblast-


  11. Which one of the following communicates with each other through the foramen of Panizzae?
    1. Two systemic arches
    2. Skull and cervical vertebra
    3. Cavity of medulla and fourth ventricle
    4. Cavities of diencephalon and cerebral hemisphere
  12. Which one of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?
      • Mammal
      • Left fourth aortic arch present
      • Birds
      • Right fourth aortic arch present
      • Reptiles
      • The third & fourth aortic arches alone are present
      • Frog
      • The fourth aortic arches of both sides are present
  13. Bartholin՚s glands of female rabbit open into
    1. uterus and release a lubricant during birth of the young ones
    2. urinary bladder and assist in the release of urine
    3. vestibule and release a slimy, alkaline fluid for facilitating copulation
    4. fallopian tubes and release lubricants which helps to make the sperms module
  14. Which one of the following enzymes is NOT proteinaecious in nature?
    1. Renin
    2. Ribozyme
    3. Pepsin
    4. Trypsin
  15. Consider the following mechanisms of mammalian antigen destruction
    1. Complemental system
    2. Degradation of antigen
    3. Amplification
    4. Immunological recognition

    The correct sequence of these is

    1. 4,1, 2,3
    2. 4,1, 3,2
    3. 1,4, 3,2
    4. 1,4, 2,3