Competitive Exams: Zoology MCQs (Practice_Test 95 of 112)

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  1. Plasmodium vivax needs two hosts for completion of its life history because
    1. after liver and blood cycle in a person, the resultant stages need lower temperature for further development. Hence these are taken up by secondary host, the mosquito
    2. the person starts taking medicines which prevent the stages to develop further. Hence these are transferred to another host
    3. by the time erythrocytic cycle sets in, the person develops resistance to the parasite Hence these need another host
    4. there is overcrowding of parasites in the blood. Hence these are transferred to another host-
  2. Lambda particles in Paramecium are particles which
    1. cause the sensitive Paramecia to lyse or disintegrate
    2. induce the Paramecia to start reproducing
    3. induce the Paramecia to stop reproducing
    4. control digestion at intervals
  3. Conjugation (Amphimixis) type of reproduction in Paramecium is an indication of high level of specialisation where individuals of
    1. different syngens participate
    2. the same syngen belonging to two opposite mating types participate
    3. same syngen and same mating type participate
    4. the same mating type participate
  4. The plasma membrane of Amoeba is
    1. sufficiently firm but-elastic
    2. unable to regulate the chemical exchange between the protoplasm and outside environment
    3. unable to form pseudopodia
    4. unable to perform pinocytosis through it
  5. Water vascular system in Sycon exhibits which one of the following courses for water current?
    1. Ingressing water-Dermal ostia-Incurrent canal-Prosopyle-Radial canal-Apopyle-Spongocoel-Osculum-Outside
    2. Ingressing water-Dermal ostia-Incurrent canal-Gastral ostia-Spongocoel-Osculum-Outside
    3. Ingressing water-Dermal ostia-Incurrent canal-Prosopyle-Radial canal-Apopyle-Excurrent canal-Osculum-Outside
    4. Ingressing water-Sub-dermal space-Incurrent canal-Prosopyle-Radial canal-Apopyle-


  6. In the eurypylous leucon type water vascular system, the flagellated chamber exhibits specialisation over other types in having a
    1. small chamber which communicates with the excurrent canal by a tube called prosodus
    2. small chamber which communicates with the excurrent canal by a tube called aphodus
    3. big chamber which communicated with the excurrent canal by both prosodus and aphodus
    4. small chamber which opens into excurrent canal by a broad aperture, apopyle
  7. In the adult medusoid form of Obelia, the lithocysts which co-ordinate swimming movements, are present at the bases of
    1. all the tentacles
    2. only four tentacles, juxtaposing the termini of the four radial canals
    3. eight of the tentacles, two in each quadrant
    4. sixteen tentacles which initially appear in the newly-born medusa
  8. Given below are some glands of Fasciola and their respective functions:
    1. Mehlis՚s glands: Shell formation
    2. Vitelline glands: Yolk formation
    3. Prostate glands: Sperm movement during copulation

    Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

    1. 1 and 2
    2. 2 and 3
    3. 1 and 3
    4. 1,2 and 3
  9. Which one of the following features explain the process of apolysis in Taenia?
    1. Regeneration of segments
    2. Shedding of gravid proglottid
    3. Development of male reproductive organs
    4. Development of female reproductive organs
  10. The anticoagulant in the saliva of leech, which prevents coagulation of blood, is called
    1. enterokinase
    2. ptyalin
    3. hirudin
    4. secretin
  11. The excretory organs of Scorpion include
    1. malpighian tubules, coxal gland, nephrocytes and hepatopancreas
    2. malpighian tubules, septal nephridia, nephrocytes and coxal gland
    3. coxal gland, nephrocytes, hepatopancreas and green gland
    4. niphrocytes, coxal gland, hepatopancreas and septal nephridia
  12. Consider the following statements: Veins presenting the wings of cockroach are
    1. extensions of extrinsic muscles present at the base of the wing, and are derived from the sternum of the corresponding thoracic segments.
    2. solid and hardened linear masses of cuticle, meant for giving support to the flat surface of the wings.
    3. channels in which blood flows, tracheoles are present and sensory nerves are located.

    Which of the above statements are correct?

    1. 1 alone
    2. 2 alone
    3. 3 alone
    4. 1 and 2
  13. The shell of Unio is composed of three layers. Which one of the following is a correct sequence of these layers?
    1. Epidermis, Periostracum and Nacreous layer
    2. Periostracum, Prismatic layer and Nacreous layer
    3. Parismatic layer, Nacreous layer and Dermis
    4. Periostracum, Nacreous layer

    Prismatic layer

  14. Which one of the following is a feature of blood vascular system in Amphioxus?
    1. Heart is present but there is no arteries or veins
    2. Heart is absent and there is no distinction between arteries and veins
    3. Heart, arteries and veins are present
    4. Heart is absent but arteries and veins are present
  15. The tunicin in Ascidian is similar to
    1. mucin
    2. cellulose of plants
    3. lime
    4. dentine of teeth

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