Zoology Questions: Animal Kingdom, Cockroach, Structural Organization in Animals, Reproductive Health

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29. Bat can travel with

(a) eyes open

(b) eyes plugged and ears open

(c) eyes plugged and eyes open

(d) eyes closed and ears plugged

Answer: (b)

30. Flippers of seal are

(a) fins

(b) hind limb

(c) forelimb

(d) Gills

Answer: (c)


1. The principle function of blood vascular system in cockroach is –

(a) Distribution of absorb nutrients

(b) Distribution of O2

(c) Transportation of enzymes

(d) Transportation of heat

Answer: (a)

2. Function of stomodael valve in the gut of cockroach is to prevent the entry of food from –

(a) Gizzard into midgut

(b) Preoral cavity

(c) Hindgut to midgut

(d) Midgut into gizzard

Answer: (d)

3. The total no. of ganglia present on the nerve cord of cockroach is –

(a) 6

(b) 9

(c) 10

(d) 12

Answer: (b)

4. A- Periplaneta Americana is nocturnal, omnivorous, house hold pest.

R- It is because it act as scavenger.

(a) A is true bur R is false

(b) A is false but R is true

(c) A and R is true and R is the right explanation of A

(d) A and R is true but R is not correct explanation of A

Answer: (a)

5. Alary muscles in cockroach occur in

(a) Heart wall and help in blood circulation

(b) Dorsal septum and connect the septum with heart and tergite

(c) Wall of gizzard and help in its contraction

(d) Intestinal wall and help in digestion

Answer: (a)

6. Two common Indian cockroaches are

(a) Periplaneta American and Blatta Americana

(b) Periplaneta orientalis and Blatta Americana

(c) Periplaneta Americana and Blatta orientalis

(d) Periplaneta indica and Blatta orientalis

Answer: (c)

7. Number 16 in cockroach is concerned with

(a) Body segments

(b) Malpighian tubule

(c) Tracheae

(d) Optjeaca

Answer: (d)

8. Which part of cockroach has both exoskeleton and endoskeleton?

(a) Head

(b) Thorax

(c) Both of these

(d) None of these

Answer: (c)

9. Male and Female cockroaches can be distinguished externally through

(a) Anal styles in male

(b) Anal cerci in female

(c) Anal style and antennae in female

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer: (a)

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