Zoology Questions: Animal Kingdom, Cockroach, Structural Organization in Animals, Reproductive Health

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4. Which of the following cell of connective tissue secrete antibodies?

(a) Mast cells

(b) Reticular cells

(c) Adipose cells

(d) Plasma cells

Answer: (d)

5. Ligaments and tendons are

(a) connective tissue

(b) muscular tissue

(c) fibrous connective tissue

(d) skeletal tissue

Answer: (c)

6. Which of the following is not correct?

(a) The brown adipose tissue cell has a single large droplet surround by a small amount of cytoplasm, whereas the white adipose tissue cell has many small droplets of fat suspended in a larger amount of cytoplasm.

(b) Brown fat cells contain many mitochondria, while white fat cells have comparatively few.

(c) Brown fat has a larger capacity for generating heat than white fat.

(d) Brown fat is mainly found in new born mammals.

Answer: (a)

7. Reticular connective tissue is found in

(a) liver

(b) spleen

(c) kidneys

(d) skin

Answer: (b)

8. Connective tissue is

(a) Ectodermal in origin with intercellular spaces.

(b) Mesodermal in origin without intercellular spaces.

(c) Ectodermal in origin without intercellular spaces.

(d) Mesodermal in origin with intercellular spaces.

Answer: (d)

9. The connective tissue that connects the skin to the underlying structures is

(a) areolar tissue

(b) serous membrane

(c) reticular tissue

(d) dense connective tissue

Answer: (a)

10. Bone marrow is made up of

(a) muscular fibre and fatty tissue.

(b) Fatty tissue and areolar tissue

(c) Fatty tissue and cartilage.

(d) Fatty tissue, areolar tissue and blood vessel.

Answer: (d)

11. In mammals, Haversian canals are connected with each other by transverse canals, which are called

(a) semicircular canals

(b) Volkman՚s canals

(c) Inguinal canals

(d) Bidder՚s canals

Answer: (b)

12. Intervertebral disc is made up of

(a) elastic cartilage

(b) fibrous cartilage

(c) calcified cartilage

(d) hyaline cartilage

Answer: (b)

13. The connective tissue of the vertebrate body is built up from fibres of the protein collagen, embedded in a polysaccharide matrix to from

(a) cartilage

(b) blood vessel

(c) heart

(d) lung

Answer: (a)

14. Humerous and muscles are connected with

(a) ligament

(b) tendons

(c) both of these

(d) none of these

Answer: (b)

15. Bone-forming cells are known as

(a) chondroblasts

(b) osteoblasts

(c) chondroblasts

(d) osteoclasts

Answer: (b)