Zoology Questions: Animal Kingdom, Cockroach, Structural Organization in Animals, Reproductive Health

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27. Differentiating trait of Ascaris is

(a) Sexual dimorphism and rhabditiform larva

(b) Unisexual and digenetic parasite

(c) Pseudocoelom and metameric segmentation

(d) Hermaphrodite and pseudocoelom

Answer: (a)

28. Pseudocoelom develop from

(a) blastopore lip

(b) archenteron

(c) embryonic mesoderm

(d) blastocoeIl

Answer: (d)

29. In nemathelminthes which coelom is not lined by peritoneum?

(a) Acoelom

(b) Pseudocoelom

(c) Enterocoelom

(d) Haemocoel

Answer: (b)

30. Choose the correct statement with reference to Ascaris?

(a) Hatching of embryos takes place in the stomach due to lytic enzyme.

(b) Adulthood is reached inside the body of the host in ten days՚ time.

(c) Development and moulting takes place in the alveoli of lungs.

(d) Hatching of embryo takes places within ten hours.

Answer: (c)

Animal Kingdom: Non-Chordata-Porifera, Coelenterata, Platyhelminthes, Nemahelminthes

1. Annelids are

(a) radially symmetrical

(b) externally segmented

(c) triploblastic

(d) pseudocoelomate

Answer: (c)

2. Body is segmented in

(a) coelenterate

(b) annelida

(c) porifera

(d) mollusca

Answer: (b)

3. In which of the following, clitellum is absent?

(a) Polychaeta

(b) Oligochaeta

(c) Hirudinea

(d) All of the these

Answer: (a)

4. In Pheretima, there are red coloured round bodies, in 4th , 5th and 6th segments above the alimentary canal. They are believed to be involved in

(a) excretion

(b) digestion

(c) reproduction

(d) leucocyte production

Answer: (d)

5. The colour of the body in earthworm is brown due to the presence of

(a) porphyrin

(b) haemoglobin

(c) blood

(d) haemocyanin

Answer: (a)

6. Region of earthworm which is forest of nephridia is called

(a) clitellar region

(b) pharyngeal region

(c) typhlosolar region

(d) intestinal region

Answer: (a)

7. Hearts of Pheretima are situated in the segments

(a) 10,13, 16 and 17

(b) 7,9, 12 and 13

(c) 4,5, 10 and 13

(d) 11,14, 17 and 18

Answer: (b)

8. Pheretima posthuma is highly useful as

(a) Their burrows make the soil loose.

(b) They make the soil porous, leave their castings and take organic debris in the soil.

(c) They are used as fish meal.

(d) They kill the birds due to bio magnifications of chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Answer: (b)

9. Blood of Pheretima is

(a) Blue with haemocyanin in corpuscles.

(b) Blue with haemocyanin in plasma.

(c) Red with haemoglobin in corpuscles.

(d) Red with haemoglobin in plasma.

Answer: (d)