Zoology Questions: Animal Kingdom, Cockroach, Structural Organization in Animals, Reproductive Health

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21. Frog has

(a) Five fingers and four toes

(b) Four fingers and five toes

(c) Five fingers and five toes

(d) four fingers and four toes

Answer: (b)

22. Neoteny is found in

(a) tadpole

(b) Salamander

(c) hyla

(d) Axolotl

Answer: (d)

23. Limbless amphibians belings to the order

(a) anura

(b) urodela

(c) gymnophiona

(d) squamata

Answer: (c)

24. Frog is called amphibian because

(a) It has no tail.

(b) It has got lungs.

(c) Its young one, tadpole is aquatic in its habitat.

(d) It lives both on land and water.

Answer: (d)

25. Characteristic feature of Cyclostomata are

(a) Elongated cylindrical body.

(b) Round month.

(c) Round month without jaws and pair appendages.

(d) Round month with jaw and unpaired appendages.

Answer: (c)

26. Gnathostomata is divided into 2 super classes, these are

(a) acraniata and craniata

(b) pisces and terapoda

(c) amniota and bipedal

(d) terapoda and gnathosomata

Answer: (b)

27. Heterocercal tail is found in

(a) cartilaginous fishes

(b) bony fishes

(c) whale

(d) amphibians

Answer: (a)

28. Fishes having swim bladder, which do not have direct communication with the exterior and where resorbent and secretory part is not sharply separated from one another, are called.

(a) Physostomes

(b) Physoclists

(c) Euphysoclits

(d) Paraphysoclists

Answer: (b)

29. Which is the following class is called tailed amphibians?

(a) Apoda

(b) Urodela

(c) Anura

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

30. Which of the following is a living fossil and connecting link between fishes and amphibians?

(a) Sea horse

(b) Gambusia

(c) Latimeria

(d) Torpedo

Answer: (c)

31. Metanephros are present in

(a) birds

(b) reptilian

(c) mammals

(d) all of these

Answer: (d)

Animal Kingdom: Chordata-Reptiles, Aves, Mammals

1. Only poisonous lizard of the world is

(a) Draco

(b) Heloderma

(c) Sphenodon

(d) Varanus

Answer: (b)

2. Members of class reptilian are

(a) homeothermic and amniotic

(b) homeothermic and anamniotic

(c) poikilothermic and amniotic

(d) poikilothermic and anamniotic

Answer: (c)