Zoology Questions: Animal Kingdom, Cockroach, Structural Organization in Animals, Reproductive Health

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16. Which one of the bird is derived from?

(a) Passer

(b) Corvus

(c) Aptenodytes

(d) Pavo cristatus

Answer: (c)

17. The wishbone of the bird is derived from

(a) skull

(b) pectoral girdle

(c) pelvic girdle

(d) hindlimb

Answer: (b)

18. Egg-laying mammals are grouped as

(a) eutheria

(b) prototheria

(c) rodentia

(d) metatheria

Answer: (b)

19. Eutherian mammals are

(a) oviparous

(b) viviparous

(c) ovoviviparous

(d) both oviparous and ovoviviparous

Answer: (b)

20. Why do mammals lack mucus glands in their skin?

(a) The skin is not slippery.

(b) This skin is tough.

(c) The epidermis has many layers of cells.

(d) The skin is not respiratory.

Answer: (d)

21. Milk glands are found in

(a) all vertebrates

(b) all mammals

(c) all placental mammals

(d) all prototherians

Answer: (b)

22. Which pair of the animal groups, has oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood in the heart separately?

(a) Amphibians and Reptiles

(b) Birds and Mammals

(c) Reptiles and Birds

(d) Reptiles and Mammals

Answer: (b)

23. Lingulates of odd-toed mammals (Horse, Ass and Zebra) belong to the order

(a) artiodactyla

(b) perissodactyla

(c) lagomorpha

(d) edentata

Answer: (b)

24. Which of the following statement is corrent?

(a) Archaeopteryx is connecting link between aves and mammals.

(b) Duck-billed platypus is connecting link between mammals and reptiles.

(c) Sea horse is connecting link between horse and fish.

(d) Hydra is connecting link between protozoa and metazoan.

Answer: (b)

25. “Sea lion” belongs to

(a) class reptilia

(b) subclass prototheria

(c) duperclass pisces

(d) order carnivore

Answer: (d)

26. Which pair of characters are found without exception in all mammals?

(a) Hair and vivipartiy.

(b) Viviparity and mammary glands.

(c) Viviparity and internal fertilization

(d) Mammary gland and internal fertilization.

Answer: (d)

27. Which of the following is not in mammals?

(a) Hepatic portal system

(b) Hypophyseal portal system

(c) Renal portal system

(d) Hepatic and hypophyseal portal system

Answer: (c)

28. The group ‘amniota’ includes

(a) birds and reptiles

(b) birds and mammals

(c) reptiles mammals

(d) reptiles, birds and mammals

Answer: (d)