Questions on Human Systems: Excretory System and Reproductive System

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  • Name the various types of excretory products.
  • Discuss the functions of kidneys.
  • Describe briefly the functions of loop of Henle.
  • What are the functions of vasa recta?
  • How Counter current mechanism works?
  • Principles on which dialysis works.
  • Name the hormones of kidneys.
  • What are the differences between Cortical Nephron and Juxtaglomerular Nephron
  • What are the various types of reproduction?
  • Enumerate the differences between Asexual Reproduction and Sexual Reproduction
  • Compare between Primary Sex Organs and Secondary Sex Organs
  • What are the differences between male and female external characters?
  • Draw a diagram of mature sperm
  • Describe the microscopic structure of testis.
  • How testosterone secretion is regulated?
  • Why cryptorchidism should be treated as early as possible?
  • Enumerate the structures present in Female Reproductive System
  • Describe various changes during menstruation
  • How the primary and secondary oocytes are formed.
  • Compare spermatogenesis and oogenesis.
  • What is the significance of spermatogenesis and oogenesis?
  • What are the uses of Artificial insemination?
  • Write in short about Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Describe the various methods of contraception.

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