Biotechnology Question Bank, Organogenesis, Cell Totipotency

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Very Short Answer Questions

1. What do you mean by the term “organogenesis” ?

2. What is “cell Totipotency” ?

3. Which substance is added to culture medium for callus induction?

4. What do you mean by cell based therapy?

5. What is MoAB?

6. Indicate the major growth phases observed in animal cell cultures?

7. Which are the most commonly used enzymes for separating cells in a given tissue for culture?

8. What is Hybridoma technology?

9. What are the two methods used for isolation of single plant cells?

10. How does DMSO help in preserving animal cells?

11. Which is the most commonly used plant culture media?

12. What are Cybrids?

13. Name a few compounds used as cryoprotectants?

14. Name the protective chemical in which the embryos are encapsulated in artificial seeds?

15. What are the advantages of using established cell lines for research by the scientists?

16. What is molecular breeding?

17. Name the red algae from which the gelling agar is obtained.

18. What is the use of “Fusogen” ?

19. Which property of the plant cells is exploited to culture plant cells?

20. What is the name of the first genes available for genetic engineering of crop plants for pest resistance?

21. What does the word “Flavr Savr” refers to?

22. Name a fusogen used for protoplast fusion.

23. Define “sub culturing” .

24. What are stem cells?

25. What are “pomatoes” ?

26. Define “Restriction Enzymes” .

27. What is the full form of RFLP?

28. What are the fields in which Micro array technique is used?

29. In which vector was the direct sequencing done?

30. What is meant by SNP map?