Biotechnology Question Bank, a Simple Sugar, a Phosphate Group, RNA and DNA

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7. The Nucleotides in a DNA consist of:

1. A simple sugar; a phosphate group; an organic base

2. A simple sugar and a phosphate group

3. A phosphate group and an organic base

4. A phosphate group, a protein, and a simple sugar.

8. The organic bases in nucleic acids:

1. Are the same for RNA and DNA.

2. Occurs in random amounts in RNA and DNA

3. Are joined by hydrogen bonds on the interior of the double helix.

4. Carry the genetic code.

5. c and d are correct.

6. a and b are correct.

9. Which of the following mRNA codons would cause synthesis of a protein to terminate?

1. G-G-G

2. U-A-C

3. U-A-G

4. A-A-G

10. The discovery of restriction enzymes was important in the development of recombinant DNA technology because the restriction enzymes:

1. Can cut DNA in to small fragments that may be inserted into the host DNA.

2. Can act as vectors and insert foreign DNA in to the host.

3. Edit mRNA to produce final protein.

4. Cut DNA at specific nucleotides so that complementary DNA may be added at a known point.

11. If you consider the making of a protein to cooking, which molecule is the cook?

1. mRNA

2. DNA

3. t-RNA

4. RNA Polymerase

5. Ribosomes

12. GM crops are important:

1. As they can feed the poor and needy populations.

2. As they can contribute in improving the economies of developing nations.

3. As they can help farmers save money and increase their profit margins.

4. As they can cause lower food prices.

5. All are correct.

6. (a) and (d) are incorrect.

13. The following can be used as vectors:

1. Viruses

2. Plasmids

3. Chloroplasts

4. Mitochondria

5. A and b are correct

6. All are correct

7. All are incorrect.