Biotechnology Question Bank, Translation, Carbon Dioxide, RNA Polymerase

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14. Translation:

1. Is the process of translating the DNA code from the DNA?

2. Is accomplished by RNA polymerase.

3. Requires ribosomes.

4. Requires removal of nucleosomes.

15. The process of gel electrophoresis separates … fragments by using an electric field.

1. DNA

2. Cell

3. Gel

4. Enzymes

16. In Agarose gel electrophoresis DNA is visualized in the gel by staining with

1. Ethidium bromide using UV illuminator.

2. Ethylene oxide using UV illuminator.

3. Alcohol using UV illuminator.

4. None of the above.

17. Grapple and Lemato are the examples of

1. Hybrid foods

2. Viruses

3. Vectors

4. Mutants

18. In the fermentation of leavened bread by yeast, the bread rises due to:

1. Carbon dioxide

2. Water

3. None of the above

4. Oxygen

19. The soaking of vegetables in the brine, while making “Kimchi” helps to

1. Eliminate possible harmful organisms.

2. Leave the halotolerant organisms to carry out fermentation.

3. Add flavour to Kimchi.

4. All are correct.

20. The use of soapy detergent in the extraction of DNA helps to

1. Break down the cell membrane by dissolving the fatty molecules.

2. Add charges to the DNA molecule.

3. Neutralize the charges on the DNA molecule.

4. None of the above.

21. In Agarose gel electrophoresis, the DNA

1. Migrates to the negative electrode.

2. Migrates to the positive electrode.

3. Breaks down in small molecules.

4. a, b, c is correct.

5. All a, b, c is wrong.

22. Biotechnology has applications in:

1. Animal and human health

2. Genetic counselling

3. Forensic medicine

4. All of the above

5. Only (a) and (c)