Biotechnology Question Bank, Bio Patents, Transcription, Translation, Ribosomal RNA

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31. Bio patents are awarded for the following

1. Cell lines

2. DNA sequences

3. Strains of microorganisms

4. All of these

32. Which of the following is included under Intellectual Property rights?

1. Copy rights

2. Patents

3. Plant breeder rights

4. All of these

33. What rights does a patent holder have?

1. Right to make

2. Right to use

3. Right to export

4. All of these.

34. The criteria for a patent are

1. Utility

2. Inventiveness

3. Novelty

4. All of these

35. The enzyme used for alcohol formation by fermentation is

1. Lipase

2. Zymase

3. Amylase

4. Invertase

36. Complete the concept map by using the following vocabulary terms:

Transfer RNA, codons, messenger RNA, transcription, translation, ribosomal RNA.