Commerce Sample Questions Business Statistics and Data Processing Exams

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  1. What is business statistics?
  2. What is meaning of data processing?
  3. What are main types of data?
  4. What are main methods of collection of data?
  5. How can you analyze the collected data?
  6. What is sampling? What is the need of sampling?
  7. What are the main sampling errors?
  8. What are main methods of sampling?
  9. Explain the normal distribution.
  10. What is hypothesis testing.
  11. Explain analysis and interpretation of Data.
  12. What is correlation and regression?
  13. Explain small sample tests t-test, F-test and chi-square tests.
  14. What are main elements of data processing and also explain its main elements?
  15. What is the use of computer applications in data processing?
  16. Explain the use of computer application in accounting, inventory control and marketing.