Mercantile Law 2011 Part 2-Solved Questions Exams Set 1

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Q: Discuss the statutory liablity both civil and criminal which arises as a result of untrue

statement in a prospectus.

Q: What are the modes in which maker, acceptor or endorcer of a negotiable insturment is


Q. How will u distinguish a mistake of fact from a mistake of law. Discuss their legal effect on


Q. What is meant by expression “Passing of Property” ? Discuss the law which governs the

transfer of property as between the seller and the buyer.

Q. Discuss the scope and extend of powers of a judicial authority to stay legal proceedings

where there is an arbitration agreement. Elaborate as to what amounts “To taking any steps in the proceedings” .

Q. Write a comprehencive note on the relations of partners to one another.

Q. write short notes on any two of the following:

A. Insurance appellate tribunal

b. Feduciary relationship.

C. Goodwill.