Exams: Subjective Theory and Model Questions (Part 3 of 9)

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  1. Discuss the claim that more open economies will experience faster economic growth and are better able to reduce poverty.
  2. Why were Import-Substitution Industrialisation policies so widely adopted in the postwar period and why have they been so widely abandoned since the 1980s?
  3. Discuss the case for and against policies of ‘structural adjustment’ in developing nations.
  4. To what extent can development be adequately measured by indicators such as GDP per capita?
  5. Can the ‘East Asian economic miracle’ be explained by neo-classical or other growth theories?
  6. What was the theory of ‘Dependency’ and does it have anything still to tell us about the problems of developing countries?
  7. Critically compare neo-liberal views of the state with theories of the ‘Developmental State’
  8. In what ways can the conditions in agriculture serve development, and in what ways might they obstruct it?
  9. How far is it true to say that Transnational Companies and Foreign Direct Investment constitute an engine of development for the LDC՚s?