English Basic Grammar Questions and Answers Sample Paper

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There are many types of questions in English Grammar … . Like

Basic questions (Yes/No)

1. Do you like mangoes?


2. Are you studying?


3. Have you been to London?


Five “W” questions (to find out the person, place, time and reason)

1. What is your name?

My name is …

2. Who is knocking at the door?

That is my friend, Aakash.

3. Where do you play in the evening?

I play in the ground.

4. How you՚re coaching are classes running?

Those are running very well.

5. Why are you late today in the class?

I am late because I missed my school bus today.

Question Tags

1. She sings very well. doesn՚t she?

2. Please pass me the salt dispenser. won՚t you?

3. They are going to watch the super hit movie tonight. aren՚t they?

4. Sheela has knitted a beautiful sweater. hasn՚t she?

Questions related to Grammar topics.

Change the given sentences as directed.

1. Arjun is listening his favourite song. (Present Perfect)

Arjun has listened his favourite song.

2. New education policy will set desired standards in the education sector. (Present Continuous)

New education policy is setting desired standards in the education sector.

3. Teachers have been putting a lot of efforts in online classes. (Future Perfect)

Teachers will have put a lot of efforts in online classes.

Find out the type of sentence below.

1. Smita likes Mathematics and Ranjana likes English subject … (Compound Sentence)

2. In case you go to the market, bring me some vegetables … (Simple Sentence)

3. After the storm hit the city, many trees lay broken on the road caused traffic jam … (Complex Sentence)