General Knowledge India, India GK, Events-2011 Roundup Questions and Answers

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1. Name the place where Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to go ahead with land acquisition for 6,000 MW nuclear power plant ignoring the widespread public protests?

Ans. At Kovvada in the north coastal district of Srikakulam.

2. For which consecutive year India and Pakistan exchanged lists of their nuclear installations and facilities under a two decade old pact that prohibits attacks on atomic assets of each other on 1st Jan. , 2012?

Ans. 21st consecutive year

3. Why New Delhi lodged a strong protest with Beijing on 2nd Jan. , 2012?

Ans: After an Indian diplomat S. Balachandran based in Shanghai was ill-treated and had to be hospitalised. (He was disallowed from going out of the court room till the proceedings were over and so as he is diabetic patient he fainted.)

4. Who inaugurated the 99th Indian Science Congress (ISC) in Jan, 2012?

Ans: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (20 Nobel laureates among 15,000 delegates will be participating across the globe and will discuss on issues ranging from food security to climate change and space technology.)

5. Who inaugurated Children՚s Science Congress on 4th Jan. , 2012 and Women՚s Science Congress on 5th Jan. , 2012?

Ans: Children՚s Science Congress was inaugurated by former President APJ Abdul Kalam and India՚s Ambassador to US Nirupama Rao opened the Women՚s Science Congress.

6. What is the central theme of five day Indian Science Congress and who is heading it?

Ans: Centrl theme is “Science and technology for inclusive innovation- Role of women” and is headed by Geetha Bali, Vice Chancellor of Karnataka State Women՚s University and will be fourth woman in history to head it.

7. Name the place considered as the second home for the migratory birds from China, Ladakh and European countries?

Ans: Hadoti (Rajasthan) , the four districts of Hadoti- Kota, Bundi, Baran and Jhalawar have been recognised as paradise for migratory birds.

8. Which cricketer has become the first in World to be chosen for the All International De La Press Sportive (AIPS) Fair Play 2011 award for his exemplary action in recalling Ian Bell, who was declared out by the umpire during Test series in England?

Ans: Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. (AIPS President Gianni Merlo will present Dhoni a trophy during inauguration of 2012 edition of Indian Premier League on 4th April.)

India GK, Events- 2011 Roundup

1. Name the 74 year old grassroots crusader who chanelised the disgust of people at large over rampant corruption in the country into a powerful movement in 2011?

Ans: Anna Hazare

2. Where in Delhi a bomb hidden in briefcase exploded killing 11 persons and injuring 47 in the worst attack in India՚s capital in 3 years in 2011?

Ans: In front of New Delhi՚s High Court

3. Whom did Dalai Lama announced to be his successor in March, 2011?

Ans: Lobsang Sangay

4. Name the 17th Karmapa against whom the Una police filed a charge sheet under section 120-B of the IPC in 2011?

Ans: Ogyen Trinley Dorjee, the third most important Tibetian religious head after Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama. (as police recovered currencies of 26 countries including 1,20, 197 Chinese yuan and around ₹ 5.3 million in Indian currency.)

5. Under which scam, the 43 year old daughter of former chief minister of Tamil Nadu M. Karunanidhi was in Tihar jail in 2011?

Ans: 2G spectrum scam

6. Who was bestowed as “Fakhr-e-Quam Panth Rattan” at Akal Takht in Amritsar in 2011?

Ans: Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal

7. Who has been selected as the new head of Tata empire in 2011?

Ans: Cyrus Mistry

8. Where did India՚s first Formula one race took place in 2011?

Ans: Buddh Internation Circuit in Delhi

9. On which date India won the World Cup in Mumbai?

Ans: 2nd April, 2011

10. Who made the highest score in an ODI against West Indiies in Indora in 2011?

Ans: Virender Sehwag (he scored 219 to carve out the highest ever individual score)

11. What was the magnitude of earthquake that rocked Sikkim between two transverse faults represented by Teesha and Gangtok lineaments in 2011?

Ans: 6.9

12. At which place a devastating fire tore through seven storey AMRI hospital killing 91 people in 2011?

Ans: South Kolkata

13. Which song became the most searched You tube video in India in 2011?

Ans: “Why This Kolaveri Di” the song released on 16th Nov. Written and sung by Dhanush (this song is honoured by You tube with a recently Most Popular Gold Medal Award for receiving large number of hits in short time) .

14. Which country is chosen as the chair of the United Nations South Asian Regional Commission for Tourism in 2011?

Ans: India

15. Name the members of three member panel of Jammu and Kashmir interlocutoes who submitted the final report focussing on a “permanent political settlement of the Kashmir problem” in 2011?

Ans: Journalist Mr. Dileep Padgoankar, Ms. Radha Kumar and former Information Commissioner Mr. M. M. Ansari.

16. Who is the richest Indian in the World according to the 2011 Forbes India annual rich list?

Ans: Reliance Group head Sh. Mukesh Ambani with a net worth of $ 22.60 billion.

17. Where was the fifth bilateral Strategic Dialogue held between India and Japan in 2011?

Ans: Tokyo (Japan expresses readiness to bring bullet trains in India)

18. Name the Indian diplomat re-appointed for the second consecutive term as the Secretary General of the commonwealth in 2011?

Ans: Sh. Kamalesh Sharma

19. Name the Indian sports person who officially became honorary Lieutenants Colonel in the Territorial Army in 2011?

Ans: Cricket player M. S. Dhoni and olympic champion shooter Abhinav Bindra

20. Which country is given the Most Favoured Nation status by Pakistan?

Ans: India

21. What is the changed name of Orissa officially according to Presidential assent to the Bill?

Ans: Name of Orissa is officially changed to Odisha and language from Oriya to Odia.