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1. For what purpose the three day fast was observed by Gujarat CM Sh. Narendra Modi in Sept. , 2011?

Ans: Sadbhavna Mission

2. How many total number of enclaves are to be exchanged between territories of two countries India and Bangladesh according to the treaty signed in Sept, 2011?

Ans: 162

3. What amount is purposed as per capita allocation for health sector for 2011 - 2012, according to the official review of National Rural Health Mission?

Ans: ₹ 270

4. Name the singers chosen for K. L. Saigal Lifetime Achievement Award for 2011?

Ans: Lata Mangeshkar and her brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar

5. With what score Sehwag breaks the World record for ODIs in 2011?

Ans: 219

General Knowledge, December, 2011

1. What is AERE?

Ans: AERE means Aeriel Engineer Recce Equipment. The Army՚s engineer regiments are to be equipped with micro-unmanned aerial vehicles (micro- UAVs) something similar in size and shape as the flying gadget shown in the movie ‘Three Idiots’ referred to as AERE. AERE will be able to transmit real time video from high resolution cameras. They can take off and land vertically, enabling their use in any kind of terrain and space. AERE will give the commander and troops on the ground a bird՚s eyeview of the lay of land immediately ahead of them, enabling to assess the situation and identify the topography most suited for operational requirements. These will also help to detect enemy presence and check the location and strength of their defences and will also facilitate faster assimilation and dissemination of information.

2. What is India՚s rank on the Transparency International (TI) corruption Perception Index out of 183 countries in 2011?

Ans: 95th

3. In Himachal Pradesh where is Aryabhatta Geo- Informatics and Space Application centre inaugurated on 5th Dec. , 2011 by chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal?

Ans: Shimla (Geo-informatic technology will help consumers by informing them through SMS about the exact date on which ration will be available, sparing them from repeated visits to fair price shops, can ascertain the presence of teachers and students in school on any day and time. It may also help in planning projects like construction of dams only by sitting before computer and many other things.

4. Where did the World՚s costliest crash take place?

Ans: World՚s costliest crash took place between 14 luxury cars, including 8 Ferraris on the Chugoku Expressway in Shimonoseki, southwestern Japan on 4th Dec. , 2011.

5. Why is Japanese PM Yoshihiko Noda going to visit India?

Ans: He is coming to discuss the proposed nuclear deal between India and Japan in last week of Dec. , 2011. India is planning to increase the number of nuclear plants in country to ensure power supplies and is so eager to sign the civil nuclear co-operation pact that would allow it to import nuclear technologies from Japan.

6. Name the Earth- like planet whose existence is confirmed by American astronomers?

Ans: Kepler 22-b which is in the habitable zone around a star similar to the sun. It contains both land and water and has the right atmosphere to support life. it՚s located 600 light years away. A year at Kepler 22 lasts 290 days but it՚s not yet known what it՚s mostly made of.

7. What is the rank of Tata steel in the world?

Ans: Tata steel is the 10th largest steel maker in the world.

Latest GK Questions, India, December, 2011

1. Who is the new captain of the Indian Premier League team Rajasthan Royals?

Ans: Rahul Dravid

2. Who is elected chairman of the International Sugar Council?

Ans: Dr Bhushan Chander Gupta (At the 40th meeting of the council held in London his name was proposed by the European union and seconded by Mauritius. At present 88 nations are members of the council. The next International sugar conference will be organised in Delhi in the last week of April, 2012.)

3. Which country is the second largest producer of sugar?

Ans: India (Brazil is the first largest producer of sugar. India produces 350 million tonnes of sugarcane and about 25 million tonnes of sugar.)

4. Who is the senior most Army officer to have faced a court martial and dismissed from service by an Indian Army Court?

Ans: Former Military Secretary, Lieutenant General Avadesh Prakash. (Found guilty for his involvement in Sukna land scam. Though retired in Jan, 2010, the Army Act allows punishment to be handed out till 3 years after retirement)

5. Recently at which places Dawood funding is detected in pharma units?

Ans: With the Department of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) detected inflow of funds from Dawood Ibrahims henchmen in the pharmaceutical firms of Baddi and Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh, where large scale of psychotropic drugs had been seized.

6. What are the instructions given by University Grants Commission (UGC) to all institutes coming under its purview, keeping in view animal welfare and ecological balance?

Ans: UGC have given instructions to discontinue dissection of living animals in a ‘phased manner’ , a regular feature in zoology and life science courses. According to guidelines issued the undergraduate students will not be required to perform dissections and if necessary only the animal species that can be bred or cultured on large scale will be used.

7. Who has been bestowed upon the title of “Panth Rattan Fakhr-e-Qaum” by Sri Akal Takhat Sahib?

Ans: Punjab chief-minister Parkash Singh Badal in the function held in Amritsar.

8. Where is the biggest military exercicise ‘Sudarshan Shakti’ being conducted in Dec. , 2011?

Ans: At Bugundi battle field near Barmer in Rajasthan. (Sudarshan Shakti involves around 50,000 troops, 300 tanks and 250 artillery guns besides armed helicopters. Its ethos is to change the way the Army goes to battle)

9. At what age World՚s oldest dog died?

Ans: Pusuke, the World՚s oldest living dog died in Japan at the age of 26 years and 9 months on Dec. 6,2011.

Geography Facts India: Mc. Mohan Line, Durand Line, Radcliffe Line

1. Name the seas joined by Suez Canal?

Ans: Red sea and Mediterranean Sea

2. Where is the Caspian Sea, the largest inland sea or lake in the world located?

Ans: Partly in Europe and partly in Asia

3. Where is Elephant Pass located?

Ans: Sri Lanka

4. What was the old name of Indonesia?

Ans: Dutch East Indies

5. Name the strait which separates Africa from Europe?

Ans: Strait of Gibraltar