General Knowledge India, Current Affairs, November, 2011: Wax Statue of Anna Hazare, World Cup Kabaddi, Questions Related to Elements, Metals and Compounds

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1. Mc. Mohan Line demarcates the boundary between which countries?

Ans: India and China

2. Where is the World՚s largest ship canal?

Ans: Gota in Sweden

3. Name the Strait which separates Asia from North America?

Ans: The Bering Strait

4. Durand line is the border common to which two countries?

Ans: Pakistan and Afghanistan

5. Name the country which has longest international boundary with India?

Ans: China

6. Radcliffe line is the boundary line between which countries?

Ans: India and Pakistan

7. Name the Strait connecting Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal?

Ans: Palk Strait

Current Affairs, November, 2011: Wax Statue of Anna Hazare, World Cup Kabaddi

1. Name the youngest skydriver in the country?

Ans: Anusha Tyagi (Her feat has been recognised by the Limca Book of Records)

2. When is the first attack helicopter squadron scheduled to be raised with the induction of indigenously developed Rudra, the weaponised version of the Dhruv (the advance light helicopter already in service) ?

Ans: In 2012 (The machine would be armed with antitank guided missiles, rockets and machineguns. It can also carry torpedoes and antiship missiles)

3. Who crafted the wax statue of Anna Hazare?

Ans: India՚s top wax sculptor Sunil Kandalloor

4. What is laser cladding?

Ans: The Indian Air Force has developed a laser based process that would enable repair of turbine blades made of titanium in air craft engines that would otherwise have to be discarded. Laser cladding can save crores in foreign exchange. The process uses a laser to generate a local weld pool on the surface of the component and a specially designed powder feed nozzle then introduces a powder composed of similar material into molten metal. Once cooled the resulting layer possesses very similar mechanical properties to those of the original component.

5. Who won the World Cup Kabaddi (in both men՚s and women՚s categories) in 2011?

Ans: India

6. Who is the Indian Prime Minister whom Singapore describes as ‘friend to our shores’ and ‘visionary’ ?

Ans: Jawahar Lal Nehru (Prime minister Manmohan Singh unveiled a bronze bust of Nehru at the Asian Civilization Museum green on the picturesque banks of the Singapore River on 20th Nov. , 2011)

7. Name the place where an ancient rock carving of Lord Buddha has been excavated in Nov. , 2011?

Ans: In Suru Kartse valley of Kargil district. (This rock carving is three feet and three inches in height and two feet in width, supposed to be built in eighth century. Kept in Regional Heritage Museum of Antiquities Department in Ladakh.)

8. What is ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’ (KMC) ?

Ans: Its one of the best natural way to take care of child by mother like a kangaroo does. So by keeping the baby close to the mother for 12 hours after birth with skin contact, child gets warmth and environment just like he gets inside the womb saving him from varous diseases and infections and also develops very good immune system.

9. Which is India՚s longest train route to be flagged off in Nov. , 2011?

Ans: The train named Vivek Express will cover countries longest rail route from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. (Will cover 4,286km in approximately 83 hours)

10. What amount was paid to purchase Ranjit Singh-era gold coin?

Ans: ₹ 8 lakh given by a mystery buyer from India to purchase a gold coin of Ranjit Singh era from auction in UK. The gold ‘mohur’ was minted in the last 10 years of Ranjit Singh՚s reign.

11. Name the rover launched to Mars by NASA in Nov. , 2011?

Ans: ‘Curiosity’ is the nickname of rover having 17 cameras and 10 science instruments including chemistry labs to identify elements in soil and rock samples to be dug up by the probe՚s drill-tipped robotic arm. it՚s powered by heat from the radioactive decay of plutonium. It is designed to last one Martian year or 687 earth days.

Questions Related to Elements, Metals and Compounds

1. Name the gas used to extinguish fire?

Ans: Carbon dioxide

2. Mainly which gas is present in gobar gas?

Ans: Methane

3. Which non -metal remains liquid at room temperature?

Ans: Bromine

4. Which gas is called laughing gas?

Ans: Nitrous oxide

5. Name the alloy of iron, chromium and nickel?

Ans: Stainless steel

6. Which metal is kept under kerosene?

Ans: Sodium

7. Name the metal used in storage batteries?

Ans: Lead

8. What is the common name of sodium carbonate?

Ans: Washing soda

9. Which metal is used in pencils?

Ans: Graphite

10. Name the metal used as the filament of an electric bulb?

Ans: Tungsten

11. What is made from the mixture of lime and chlorine?

Ans: Bleaching powder

12. Name the gas usually filled in the electric bulbs?

Ans: Nitrogen

13. What is the other name of deuterium oxide?

Ans: Heavy water

14. Name the gases used in different types of welding?

Ans: Oxygen and acetylene

15. What is added to remove permanent hardness of water?

Ans: Washing soda

16. Name the metal present in photo films?

Ans: Silver

17. Liquefied Petroleum Gas consists mainly which gases?

Ans: Methane, butane and propane