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1. Who invented the telegraphic code?

Ans: Samuel Morse

2. Who discovered the laws of planetary motion?

Ans: Johannes Kepler

3. Who invented the lift?

Ans: E. G. Otis

4. Who invented radar?

Ans: Robert Watson Watt

5. Name the scientist who is considered as the Father of Genetics?

Ans: Johann Gregor Mendel

6. Name the scientist who got Nobel Prize twice for the same subject?

Ans: Marie Curie

7. Who invented the mercury thermometer?

Ans: Galileo

8. Who discovered the noble gases?

Ans: Cavendish

9. Who arranged the elements in the Modern Periodic Table?

Ans: Mosley

Current Affairs India, November, 2011

1. Name the Indians who are among the top 20 most powerful people on earth according to Forbes Power list?

Ans: Congress President Sonia Gandhi (at 11th position) and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (at 19th position) . (Topped by US President Barack Obama)

2. Which country is offered the partnership in the development of world՚s most advanced flying machine F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by US?

Ans: India

3. According to Human Development Index (HDI) 2011 what is India՚s rank among 187 countries assessed for their performance in three key areas of human development - education, health and income?

Ans: 134th rank (Norway, Australia and Netherland top the charts)

4. Who has been elected TMC (Trinamool Congress) national head?

Ans: Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee

5. On which LAC (Line of Actual Control) banners and not guns hold peace?

Ans: Along the eastern fringes of Ladakh plateau which is contiguous with Tibet near the village Demchok. (According to an agreement thrashed out in April 2005, India and China have worked out with a ‘banner drill’ in which soldiers show 10 feet wide banner with slogan painted to each other saying there is need to back off from present position of patrolling)

6. Which is world՚s fastest growing energy firm?

Ans: Cairn India has been ranked the fastest growing oil and gas exploration firm in the world.

7. Where is India going to commission its third research station?

Ans: Antarctica (station named Bharti)

8. What is e-bomb?

Ans: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is developing a weapon commonly referred to as “e-bomb” which renders electronic gadgets useless and effectively neutralises the adversary՚s command control and communication capability by producing a strong electromagnetic field generating powerful electricity surges that play havoc with electronic circuits within a specified area.

9. What is India՚s rank in South -East Asia for starting business according to World Bank in its report on ‘Doing Business in India for 2012’ ?

Ans: 8th position (first is Afghanistan)

10. Who is Miss World 2011?

Ans: Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos was crowned Miss World 2011 by Alexandria Mills (Miss World 2010) in London. Indian history questions: kings, dynasty.

11. Who was the first king to conquer Malwa, Gujarat and Maharashtra?

Ans: Chandragupta Maurya

12. Upto where Chandragupta Maurya՚s empire extended in the north-west?

Ans: Hindukush

13. Which was the most commonly used coin in Mauryan period?

Ans: Karashapana

14. Whose name is associated with the council of the ‘Nine Gems’ ?

Ans: Chandragupta-II

15. Who earned the title of ‘Liberator’ ?

Ans: Chandragupta Maurya

16. Name the great Hindu king who combined in himself the qualities of Samudragupta and Ashoka?

Ans: Harshavardhana

17. Where was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Avanti?

Ans: Ujjain

18. In which century did Ashoka reign?

Ans: Third century B. C

19. Which ruler was adorned with the title of ‘Maharajadhiraja’ ?

Ans: Kanishka

20. Who was called the ‘Napoleon of India’ ?

Ans: Samudragupta

21. Where are the achievements of Samudragupta described on?

Ans: Allahabad Pillar inscription

22. For what was Gupta dynasty famous?

Ans: Art and architecture

23. For what was Ashoka famous?

Ans: Ashoka was famous for his vast empire, for his preaching of ahimsa and for following path of Buddha.

24. Which king brought the valleys of Indus, Ganga and Jamuna together for the first time under one political authority?

Ans: Ashoka

Latest GK Questions-India, November, 2011

1. Who is appointed as the tenth Nawab of Pataudi?

Ans: Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan

2. Which temple in Pakistan was reopened after six decades in 2011?

Ans: Goraknath Temple (160 year old temple at Gorkhatri in Peshawar)

3. Name the baby of Uttar Pardesh who is the symbolic seven billionth baby?

Ans: Baby Nargis (The world՚s population touched another milestone on Monday as India welcomed the birth of Nargis as the symbolic seven billionth babies)

4. Who has been re-elected PDP President for the fourth time in Srinagar in 2011?

Ans: Mehbooba Mufti