General Knowledge India, Places in India Important from GK Prospective-1, Current Affairs: India, September, 2011

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1. On which part of earth days and nights are of equal length always?

Ans: Equator

2. Why the International Date Line makes slight deviation from 180 degree meridian?

Ans: To divide Pacific Ocean in two halves

3. One degree of longitude on equator is equal to what distance?

Ans: 69 miles

4. What is equal to latitude of a place?

Ans: Angle between the horizon and the equator

5. In how many time zones is U. S. A divided?

Ans: 5

6. Latitude and longitude are at what angle to each other?

Ans: Perpendicular to each other

7. What is the difference in time between two places 1 degree longitude apart?

Ans: 4 minutes

8. How many lines are there in latitude and longitude?

Ans: Latitude includes 180 lines and longitude has 360 linesbecause longitude connects North Pole to South Pole and latitude is divided from east to west.

9. What reference is taken to know the local time of a place?

Ans: Longitudinal position

10. In how many time zones is the World divided?

Ans: 24

11. What is the time difference between IST and GMT?

Ans: 5 hours 30 minutes

12. Watches of a country are set according to what time?

Ans: Standard time of the country

Places in India Important from GK Prospective-1

1. Name the place where Lord Budha breathed his last?

Ans: Kushinagar

2. Where are the World famous Khajuraho sculptures located?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

3. Where is the National Institute of Nutrition located?

Ans: Hyderabad

4. Vijayghat (Samadhi of Lal Bahadur Shastri) is situated on the bank of which river?

Ans: Yamuna

5. Where is National School of Mines located?

Ans: Pune

6. Where is the Indian Institute of Science located?

Ans: Bangalore

7. In which state are the World famous Ajanta Caves situated?

Ans: Maharashtra

8. Where is the famous Meenakshi Temple situated?

Ans: Tamil Nadu

9. Where are Dilwara Temples situated?

Ans: Rajasthan (Near Maount Abu)

10. Which city is called ‘White City’ of Rajasthan?

Ans: Udaipur (Remember Jaipur is called Pink city) . Udaipur is also known as city of lakes.

11. Where is Buland Darwaza located?

Ans: Fatehpur Sikri

12. Kanchipuram is in which state?

Ans: Tamil Nadu

13. Which place is famous for gigantic rock-cut statue of Budha?

Ans: Bamiyan

14. Where is Char Minar located?

Ans: Hyderabad

15. Where is Sun Temple situated?

Ans: Konark

16. Where is the National Defence Academy situated?

Ans: Khadakvasla

17. Where are the headquarters of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts?

Ans: New Delhi

18. Where is the headquarters of Oil and Natural Gas Commission?

Ans: Dehradun

19. Where is the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre located?

Ans: Trivandrum

20. Which is the Garden City of India?

Ans: Bangalore

21. Where is Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy which trains Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officers situated?

Ans: Mussoorie

22. Where is Indian Cancer Research Institute situated?

Ans: Bombay

23. Which city is known as ‘Electronic City of India’ ?

Ans: Bangalore

24. Hawa Mahal is situated in which city?

Ans: Jaipur

25. Where is famous Somnath Temple located?

Ans: Gujarat

26. Where is Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research located?

Ans: Kalpakkam

27. For what is Bijapur known?

Ans: Gol Gumbaz

Current Affairs: India, September, 2011

1. Which metro has been certified by the United Nations as the first metro rail based system in the World to get carbon credits for contributing to the fight against climate changes?

Ans: The Delhi Metro

2.2 Where is the India՚s first largest bamboo museum?

Ans: Institute of Himalayan Bio-resource Technology (IHBT) in Palampur (H. P)

3. Which will be the new subject added to the curriculum of Kendriya Vidyalayas?

Ans: German

4.4Which is the World՚s largest exporter of inverters?

Ans: Su-Kam Power Systems

5. Which state in India has three language teaching formula?

Ans: Punjab