General Knowledge India, Current Events: Latest GK India, Important Days Observed Throughout the World, Important Dates and Days of India

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Current Events: Latest GK India

1. Name the cities of Himachal to be developed as the solar cities?

Ans: Shimla and Hamirpur

2. How 4G services will hit the country in 2012?

Ans: 4G technology will offer much advancement to the wireless market including downlink data rates well over 100 Mbps, low latency, very efficient spectrum use and low cost implementation.

3. Which was the World՚s first surviving clone buffalo at NDRI (National Dairy Research Institute) ?

Ans: Garima, lived for two years (died on 1st August, 2011 due to heart failure) .

4. Name two other clones left with NDRI?

Ans: Garima II (a female) and Shreasth (a male) .

5. Which entrance exam after CAT to be held nationwide will go online?

Ans: AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Exam) to be held on April 29,2012.

6. What will be the new name of West Bengal?

Ans: Paschim Banga

7. On which date Chennai turned 372 years?

Ans: August 22,2011. (Founded on August 22,1639 and was known as Chennappanaikan)

8. Name 72 year old social activist who supported Jan Lokpal Bill?

Ans: Anna Hazare

9. Name the ship commissioned by India which is biggest in its class in the World?

Ans: INS Satpura (ship which is 143m long can tactically fire weapons even before enemy detects it) .

10. Who is the 26th Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Ans: Mr. D. V. Sadananda Gowda (he succeeds Mr. B. S. Yeddyurappa) .

11. With whom the Income Tax Department decides to share its PAN card database?

Ans: NATGRID (a network aimed at robust information-sharing among law enforcement agencies) .

Important Days Observed Throughout the World

1. When is World Laughter Day celebrated?

Ans: 26th January

2. On which day International Women՚s Day observed?

Ans: 8th March

3. When comes the World Disabled Day?

Ans: 15th March

4. When is World Health Day celebrated?

Ans: 7th April

5. Which day is observed as World Heritage Day?

Ans: 18th April

6. When is Earth Day observed?

Ans: 22nd April

7. Which day is known as World Book and Copyright Day?

Ans: 23rd April

8. When is International Labour Day observed?

Ans: 1st May

9. Which day is celebrated as World Red Cross Day?

Ans: 8th May

10. When is the Mother՚s Day celebrated?

Ans: 11th May

11. When is Commonwealth Day observed?

Ans: 24th May

12. On which date Anti-Tobacco Day observed?

Ans: 31st May

13. When comes the World Environment Day?

Ans: 5th June

14. Which day is chosen to be celebrated as Father՚s Day?

Ans: 20th June ( 3rd Sunday of June)

15. When is the World Population Day observed?

Ans: 11th July

16. Which day is celebrated as International Literacy Day?

Ans: 8th September

17. Which day is known as World Tourism Day?

Ans: 27th September

18. When is World Food Day observed?

Ans: 16th October

19. When is the UN Day observed?

Ans: 24th October

20. World Aids Day falls on which date?

Ans: 1st December

21. World Human Rights Day is observed on which day?

Ans: 10th December

Important Dates and Days of India

1. When is India՚s National Youth Day celebrated?

Ans: 12th January

2. When is India՚s Army Day celebrated?

Ans: 15th January

3. When is India՚s Republic Day celebrated?

Ans: 26th January

4. When is Martyr՚s Day in India celebrated?

Ans: 30th January

5. Which day in India celebrated as Central Excise Day?

Ans: 24th February

6. When is National Science Day celebrated in India?

Ans: 28th February

7. Which day is celebrated as National Maritime Day in India?

Ans: 5th April

8. When in India National Technology Day celebrated?

Ans: 11th May

9. On which date Quit India Day comes?

Ans: 9th August

10. Which day is celebrated as Independence Day of India?

Ans: 15th August

11. When is Sadbhavna Diwas (Goodwill Day) observed in India?

Ans: 20 August (Late Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi՚s birth anniversary)