General Knowledge India, General Awareness, May 2012-II, Latest General Knowledge May 2012 − I

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1. What is India՚s rank on foreign money in Swiss banks?

Ans: 55th rank

2. With which cells scientists for the first time have developed bone?

Ans: From fresh and purified fat stem cells (Fat has a large number of tissue growing stem cells. People could go for liposuction and save fat cells for future use or can use immediately.)

3. Who is new Pak PM?

Ans: Raja Pervaiz Ashraf

4. Who has been awarded the prestigious Karen Harvey Prize for 2012 by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) ?

Ans: Dibyendu Nandi of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata. (The first scientist from the Asia Pacific to get the prize)

5. A plaque in the honour of which Indian cricket legend was unveiled at the Oxford University pavilion in London?

Ans: Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi

General Awareness, May 2012-II

1. Chief Minister of which state survived copter crash in May, 2012?

Ans: Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda

2. How many coconuts were broken on the forehead with a baseball bat during a contest organized in Rome on April, 2012 by 7 Gatka lads from Tarn Taran to make it to Guinness Book?

Ans: 59 coconuts in one minute

3. How much amount has been invested by Cabinet Committee on May, 2012 to end years of shortage for a basic training aircraft for young trainee pilots of the Indian Air Force?

Ans: Approx. ₹ 2900 Crore to buy 75 single engined aircraft from Swiss Company Pilatus.

4. India is looking on which countries as part of its strategy to diversify its crude oil imports in view of the difficulties being faced in buying it from Iran?

Ans: Nigeria, Venezuela and Canada

5. Name the only Indian Cricketer who have hit a century in IPL 5 till now?

Ans: Ajinkya Rahane

6. Name the Indian American who has been named as the eighth Chancellor of University of California, San Diego?

Ans: Pradeep Khosla, an IIT alumnus currently working as the Dean of College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

7. Name the book to be published by Punjabi University Patiala about the writings of Manto (famous Urdu writer) announced by Vice Chancellor on the occassion of Saadat Hasan Manto՚s 100th birth anniversary in May, 2012?

Ans: Sahitik Simrti Granth

8. Which anniversary of sandwich was celebrated by British town in May, 2012?

Ans: 25th anniversary

9. What are the reports received by Dalai Lama from inside Tibet?

Ans: Those Chinese agents had trained Tibetan women for a mission to Poison him while posing as devotees seeking his blessings.

10. Latest who՚s who India-May 2012 what was the ancient name of Bathinda city?

Ans: Tribhandanapura and its ruler was Shtrughanadeva.

11. Which actress has become the brand ambassador for sanitation compaign?

Ans: Vidya Balan roped in this compaign by Rural Development minister Jairam Ramesh. (She will be the first brand ambassador of the Rural Development ministry)

12. Who got the best actress trophy on the 59th National Film Awards for 2011?

Ans: Vidya Balan

13. Who received the Dadasaheb Phalka Award, the highest honour in Indian cinema from our Vice President Hamid Ansari on the occasion of 59th National Film Awards 2011?

Ans: Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee

14. Name the two living members of first Lok Sabha to be honoured by President on 13th May, 2012, 60th anniversary of our Parliament?

Ans: Rishang Keishing and Resham Lal Jhangde

15. Which painting got the highest price ever paid for a work of art at any auction?

Ans: Edvard Munch՚s iconic painting “The Scream” was sold for nearly $ 120 million.

16. Who is the first apex court judge to be presented with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Vice President on 5th May, 2012?

Ans: Justice Kuldip Singh

17. Who got the Best District Panchayat Award for year 2011 - 2012 under the Panchayat Empowerment and Accountability Incentive Scheme in the state of Punjab?

Ans: Bathinda Zila Parishad

18. How many cities can be protected by the missile defence shield developed by India?

Ans: At least two cities (This shield can be put in place at short notice developed by DRDO)

Latest General Knowledge May 2012- I

1. Which village of Andhra Pradesh may be sitting over one of the world՚s largest uranium reserves?

Ans. Tummalapalle village in Kadapa district.

2. Who has created world record in mental division?

Ans. Dr Amit Garg (Haryana boy and former IIT topper. He mentally divided a 10 digit number with a five digit number in 34.5 sec.)

3. After how many years an ancient Nagbal Kapal Mochan Tirtha temple, which houses a 1000-eyed Shivling, was opened for puja in Shopian district of South Kashmir?

Ans. After 22 years on 21st April, 2012

4. Name the persons of Himachal Pradesh who received national awards for outstanding performance in developing panchayati raj institutions in the state?

Ans. Hari Chand Sharma (President zila parishad, Kullu) Usha Bharti (President of block samiti, Nirmand, Kullu) Meena Kumari (President panchayat samiti, Salooni, Chamba) Dinesh Thakur (Barog panchayat, Shimla) Prem Thakur (President Chamyana panchayat, Shimla)

5. When was India՚s first microwave remote sensing satellite RISAT-1 placed in orbit?

Ans. 26th April, 2012 (It is India՚s first ingenuously developed synthetic aperture radar having all weather and day night imaging capability)

6. Name the United Nations Secretary General, who received an honorary doctorate degree from Jamia Milia Islamia University on 27th April, 2012?

Ans. Ban Ki-moon (This is Ban՚s third visit to India after he took over as the head of world body in 2007)

7. Name the new anti-malaria drug which India got on 25th April, 2012?

Ans. Synriam (first ingeniously developed anti-malaria drug)