General Knowledge India, Books and Authors: Sunny Days, India Wins Freedom

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1. How an IT solution to identify and check the genuineness of drugs christened as ‘Authentic k’ made easier by a Bangalore based Analytics and Technology Company, Activecubes?

Ans. When a customer buys a drug at a counter he can see a message (number) on strip (Activecubes will partner with pharmaceutical companies to identify and print a unique alphanumeric number on every strip of medication it manufactures which cannot be replicated) . He needs to SMS the code to the number given on the strip. The system cross checks the code with the number in the database. If these two numbers match an automatic reply about the drugs validity is sent to the customer within seconds.

2. Name the Bollywood legend whose ancestral home in Peshawar, Pakistan has been turned into heritage site?

Ans. Dilip Kumar

General Awareness India: Political Science, Places, History

1. Where are relics of Buddha preserved?

Ans. Stupa

2. On whose written advice President can proclaim Emergency?

Ans. Prime Minister

3. To whom President of India can write if he wants to resign from office?

Ans. Vice President of India

4. Name the mountain range which stretches from Gujarat in the West to Delhi in the North?

Ans. Aravallis

5. Who brought and installed two Asokan pillars in Delhi?

Ans. Firozeshah Tughluq

6. Which river is related to Nagarjun Sagar Project?

Ans. Krishna

7. What is the new name of Burma?

Ans. Myanmar

8. In which Amendment Right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental rights?

Ans. Forty-fourth Amendment

9. Who appoints the Chairman and members of State Public Service Commission?

Ans. Governor

10. What is the maximum duration for which the Vice President can officiate as the President of India?

Ans. 6 months

11. Name the person who presided over the first session of Indian National Congress in 1885?

Ans. W. C Bannerjee

12. Who is called “Grand Old Man of India” ?

Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji

13. Who was the first Indian elected to the leadership of Communist International?

Ans. M. N Roy

14. Where is Pushkar Lake located?

Ans. Rajasthan

Books and Authors: Sunny Days, India Wins Freedom

1. Who wrote the book “Sunny Days” ?

Ans. Sunil Gavaskar

2. Who is the author of book “Gita Govinda” ?

Ans. Jayadeva

3. Who is the author of the novel “White Tiger” which won the Booker Prize 2008?

Ans. Aravind Adiga

4. Who was the author of “Hind Swaraj” ?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

5. Who wrote the book “A Passage To India” ?

Ans. E. M Forster

6. Who is the author of book “The Shape of the Beast” ?

Ans. Arundhati Roy

7. Who wrote the book “Animal՚s People” ?

Ans. Indra Sinha

8. Who wrote the novel “Neela Chand” ?

Ans. Shiv Prasad Singh

9. Who wrote an English novel “In Custody” ?

Ans. Anita Desai

10. Who is the author of book “Many Worlds” ?

Ans. V. S Naipaul

11. Name the book which has collection of speeches of N. G Ranga?

Ans. Three Decades in Parliament

12. Who wrote the book “We Indians” ?

Ans. Khushwant Singh

13. Who wrote the famous novel “Pride and Prejudice” ?

Ans. Jane Austen

14. Who is the author of book “India Wins Freedom” ?

Ans. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

15. Who wrote “War and Peace” ?

Ans. Leo Tolstoy

16. Who wrote the book “The Daughter of the East” ?

Ans. Ms. Benazir Bhutto

17. Who is the author of book “The Tribune 130 Years: A Witness to History” ?

Ans. Prof. V. N Datta

18. Who wrote the book “Glimpses of World History” ?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

19. Who wrote the book “Unhappy India” ?

Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

20. Who wrote the book “Gullivers Travel” ?

Ans. Jonathan Swift

21. Who wrote “Netaji, Dead or Alive” ?

Ans. Samar Guha

22. Who is the author of book “Freedom Behind Bars” ?

Ans. Kiran Bedi

23. Who is author of “Hindu view of life” ?

Ans. S. Radhakrishnan

24. Who wrote the popular book “The Naked Face” ?

Ans. Sidney Sheldon

25. Who wrote the book “Eternal Himalayas” ?

Ans. H. P. S Ahluwalia

26. Who was the author of “Bharat Bharati” ?

Ans. Maithili Sharan Gupta