Questions Paper of Subject Geography for Practice in Exam Part 1

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1. Why is study of Geography necessary? Give any one reason.

2. Define weathering?

3. Name two types of movements of plates.

4. Differentiate between continental and valley glacier.

5. Explain the mode of formation of mountains with suitable examples.

6. Define a volcano. State three types of volcanoes.

7. What is the meaning of a glacier? Explain any five land features carved by glacier by the erosional and depositional work.

8. Define the term plateau. Explain any five of its economic benefits to human՚s.

9. Define the term wave length.

10. State two important gases of the atmosphere.

11. Give two reasons for uneven distribution of insolation on the surface of the earth.

12. Explain two ways of expressing humidity.

13. What is the meaning of precipitation? Describe three types of rainfall with diagrams.

14. Define the term salinity. Explain the three causes for uneven distribution of salinity in the oceans and seas.

15. Describe any four layers of the atmosphere.

16. Define climate. Explain any five factors affecting the climate of a region.

17. In which three ways are currents caused? Explain three effects of currents on the nearby landmasses.

18. Explain three factors responsible for variation in the horizontal distribution of air pressure.

19. Name two components of Biosphere.

20. What is micro-organism? Give one example.

21. What is major source of energy? Write in one sentence.

22. Name the two major groups of living organisms.

23. Write four factors affecting the Biomes.

24. Define eco-system. Explain two types of ecosystems.

25. Write four measures to control the effect of Green house.

26. Define sustainable development and write four strategies for achieving sustainable development.

27. What is ‘food chain’ ? Draw a diagram of flow of energy through food chain.

28. Explain role of climate on the plants and animal life in temperate grassland.

29. What is ‘hydrological cycle’ ? Explain it through diagram.

30. “The harsh environment supports less population” . Justify this statement with suitable arguments from the tundra biome.