History Important and Expected Questions Modern World History Based on CBSE Class 10 Part 2

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  1. Why did 1857 uprising against the British rule failed?
  2. What changes were introduced in the British administration after the freedom struggle of 1857?
  3. Write a short note on Rani Lakshmi Bai?
  4. Write a short not on Tatya Tope?
  5. Name the newspapers which played in important pole in the development of national awakening.
  6. Why did the Europeans staying in India protest against the Ilbert bill?
  7. What were the objectives of establishment of congress?
  8. What were the reasons, which in the end of 19th century encourage the Aggressive Nationalism
  9. Write a short note on Bal Gangadhar Tilak?
  10. Give information on the chief festivals celebrated in India.
  11. It is our moral duty to protect the wild life. Give reasons.
  12. What are included in service sector?
  13. What is meant by terrorism?
  14. Which things should be considered for water management?
  15. Which major discoveries were made by Aryabhatta?
  16. Why is coal said to be black diamond?
  17. “Inflationary price rise is a financial and social vice.” Explain the statement.
  18. OR
  19. “Women empowerment is the precondition for complete economic development.” Explain the
  20. statement.
  21. Q. 9- Explain the word ‘Corruption’ .
  22. Q. 10- Give details of insurgency activities in Assam.
  23. OR
  24. How many and what are the types of soils in India?
  25. What were the peculiarities of the houses of Mohen-jo-Daro?
  26. Give an introduction to the dance art.
  27. Mention the institutional reforms in the field of agriculture.
  28. Mention steps to prevent environmental degradation.
  29. OR
  30. Evaluate the objectives for a multipurpose project.
  31. What should we do to protect and conserve our heritage?
  32. Give an introduction of Vedic literature and Sanskrit literature of Gupta ear in ancient Indian literature.
  33. Explain unemployment. Mention the types of unemployment and explain any two in detail.
  34. OR
  35. What are the causes of price rise? Explain each in detail.
  36. Mark the following details at proper places by proper symbols in the outline map of India given to you.
  37. (1) One region growing jute
  38. (2) Narmada Valley project
  39. (3) One region producing iron
  40. (4) One centre of sugar industry.
  41. (5) Coastal highway (With three places)