Management Subjective Important Questions: Communication Leadership

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Topic: Communication

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. What do you means by Communication?

2. Communication is two-way Communication. How?

3. What do you mean by Formal Communication?

4. What is Upward Communication?

5. What do you mean by Gestural Communication?

6. What do you understand by Feedback?

7. Write two essentials of communication?

8. What is Grapevine communication? [Univ. of Raj. , 2002]

9. Write the full form of S. M. S and L. A. N.

10. What is a Cellular Phone?

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What do you understand by Communication?

2. Explain the nature of Communication.

3. What do you mean by Interpersonal Communication?

4. Write four advantages of Formal Communication?

5. Clarify the differences between Formal and Informal Communication.

6. What is the difference between Downward and Upward Communication?

7. What is meant by Audio Visual Communication? Discuss its means also.

8. Discuss any four obstacles of communication.

Essay Type Questions

1. What is communication? Describe the nature of Communication.

2. Write short note on ″ Type of Communication ′ .

3. Explain difference:

(i) Formal and Informal Communication,

(ii) Downward and Upward Communication, and

(iii) Oral and Written Communication.

4. What do you understand by ‘Written and Oral Communication?’ Discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

5. Define ‘Communication’ . Explain communication – process.

6. What is Communication? Describe the importance of communication in modern business world. [Univ. of Raj. , 2005]

7. What is communication? Discuss essentials (Elements) of Effective Communication. 8. Discuss modern techniques of Communication.

9. Describe the principles of Communication.

10. Discuss obstacles of communication and discuss remedies (suggestions) of removing these. [Univ. of Raj. , B. Com. , 2003,07, 09]

Topic: Leadership

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is meant by Leadership? [Univ. of Raj. , 2005]

2. “Leadership is a combination of different qualities” . How?

3. Write any two functions of leadership.

4. What do you mean by Leadership Style?

5. What is the meaning of Free Rein Style?

6. Write the types of Autocratic Style.

7. Write two advantages of Production oriented Power Style.

8. Discuss two assumptions of the follower Theory of Leadership.

9. What do you mean by6 Democratic leadership? [Univ. of Raj. , 2006,09]

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What do you understand by ‘Leadership Concept’ ?

2. Explain any four qualities of Leadership. [Univ. of Raj. , 2003,02, 09]

3. Show qualities of a successful leader according to Henry Fayola.

4. Write name of leadership styles of Resins Linker.

5. Discuss four merits demerits of Democratic Leadership Style.

6. What is Managerial Grid in Most Recent Leadership Styles?

7. Write assumptions of the Trait Theory of Leadership.

8. What is Path Goal Theory of Leadership?

Essay Type Questions

1. What do you understand by ‘Leadership Concept’ ? Explain the characteristics of leadership.

2. What is Leadership? Discuss the functions of Leadership.

3. Define ‘Leadership’ . Explain the importance of leadership in management.

4. Discuss the qualities of a successful leader.

5. What is Leadership? What is the need of Leadership? Discuss the different Styles of Leadership. [Univ. of Raj. , 2010]

6. What do you understand by ‘Leadership’ ? Emphasis on need and styles of leadership. [Univ. of Raj. , 2002]

7. What is Managerial Grid? Explain it with the help of diagram.

8. Explain Resins Liker՚s System of Management.

9. Disuses in brief Tannenbaum and Schmidt՚s Leadership Continuum Theory.

10. Clarify the different theories of Leadership. [Univ. of Raj. , 2004 06]