Management Subjective Important Questions: Concept of Direction

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Topic: Direction

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is the concept of Direction?

2. Define Direction. [Univ. of Raj. , 2002]

3. “Direction consists of many activities” . Explain.

4. Discuss any one principle of Direction.

5. Write any two components of Direction.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What do you understand by Direction? [Univ. of Raj. , 2009]

2. Write any four points to explain nature of Direction.

3. What is the principles of Direction? [Univ. of Raj. , 2005,06]

4. “Direction is the heart of administration.” How?

5. A technique of Direction is Supervision Explain.

Essay Type Questions

1. What is Direction? Describe its characteristics.

2. Define Direction. Discuss the principles of Direction.

[Univ. of Raj. , 2004, B. Com. (Hons.) , 2005,2010]

3. What is the meaning of Direction? Discuss the importance of Direction in Management. [Univ. of Raj. , 2003]

4. Explain the techniques of Direction in detail.

5. What do you mean by Direction? Write essentials of effective Direction.